5 things to know about Allyzibeth Lamont murder case

Allyzibeth Lamont's remains were found in a shallow grave on Halloween in 2019 (Image via @KumiTuckerWNYT/Twitter)
Allyzibeth Lamont's remains were found in a shallow grave on Halloween in 2019 (Image via @KumiTuckerWNYT/Twitter)

Allyzibeth Lamont, a 22-year-old Johnston, New York citizen and local deli employee, was murdered and buried in a shallow grave in 2019 in an attempt to silence her voice against back pay.

Lamont was last seen at the Local Substation No. 9 before she abruptly vanished, leaving her family, regular customers, and authorities in the dark about her whereabouts. The finding of her remains, however, was followed by some disturbing revelations that startled Johnston's once-peaceful neighborhood.


The upcoming episode of ID's People Magazine Investigates will revisit the heart-wrenching murder of Allyzibeth Lamont. On the evening of October 28, 2019, Lamont was killed by her employer and manager because they believed she was poking the wrong bear. The episode, titled Gone in the Night, will air on Monday, August 8, 2022, at 9 pm ET.

The official synopsis of the upcoming episode states:

"When a young woman goes missing, a rookie police officer's intuition leads to an intense investigation, as they race against the clock to find her."

Read further to learn five significant pointers about Allyzibeth Lamont's murder case.

Five significant facts about Allyzibeth Lamont's 2019 murder case

1) Allyzibeth Lamont's manager pleaded guilty to second-degree murder


James Duffy, the manager of the sub-shop where Ally worked, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and reportedly led authorities to where he dug a shallow grave and buried Lamont's body. He ultimately agreed to enter a guilty plea in exchange for a lesser charge.

During his interrogation by law enforcement, Duffy admitted to killing Lamont and directed officers to other locations where he had hidden many additional pieces of evidence.

The 35-year-old was sentenced to eighteen years to life in prison.

2) The sub-shop owner was the mastermind behind the murder-for-hire-plot


James Duffy reportedly testified, stating that owner Georgios Kakavelos allegedly asked him to murder Allyzibeth Lamont in exchange for money (between $1,100 and $1,300). The 52-year-old reportedly told Duffy that Ally was raising complaints on the labor board about the back pay.

Kakavelos owed Lamont money and was always refusing to pay.

The manager admitted to spending three days planning Lamont's murder. Kakavelos and Duffy allegedly attempted to cover up the crime by burying Lamont's body in a shallow grave with fertilizer and branches. They hoped that the procedure would hasten the decomposition of her remains.

Kakavelos, the deli owner, was found guilty of first-degree murder and conspiracy in June 2021. He was subsequently sentenced to life without the possibility of release in November.

3) Ally's body was found on Halloween

Allyzibeth Lamont was last seen on Townsend Avenue in Johnston on the evening of October 28, 2019, which is also the street where her deli was located. Nobody claimed to have seen her, which was unusual for her.

Authorities scoured the small town but weren't lucky enough to find her whereabouts. A few days later, on Halloween, her body was discovered 35 miles away in Malta, in a shallow burial near an exit off the highway. As previously mentioned, her manager Duffy eventually made a confession, helping authorities find her remains.

4) Duffy's strange behavior gave him away before he confessed

Image Credits: Oxygen
Image Credits: Oxygen

The authorities were attempting to contact anyone with information about Lamont when they discovered that shop manager Duffy was on the closing shift that night. They even tried contacting him but the calls went unanswered. After that, it wasn't difficult to put two and two together and find out about the person responsible for Ally's disappearance.

5) The victim's family slammed the culprits

Georgios Kakavelos, the owner of the deli, claimed that he was concerned that a labor complaint would thwart his attempts to establish a second store. He was met with extremely harsh words from Allyzibeth Lamont’s friends and relatives, including her younger sister, aunt, and mother.

Brooke Lamonth, Lamont's younger sister, said:

"You have no regard for human life. You disgust me; you make me physically sick. Now everybody knows who you truly are: a woman hating masochistic piece of shit who lies to get his own way. I hope her memory haunts you; I hope your guilt eats you alive."

Her aunt Tammy Quackenbush stated that she did not expect any kind of remorse from the two men responsible for killing Ally. Emotionally, she said:

"To us, Ally will always be 22. We only have 22 years of memories of her. We will hold our memories in our heads forever. I hope that you never get a moment’s piece ever again for what you did."

Catch Allyzibeth Lamont's murder story in People Magazine Investigates this Monday, at 9 pm ET, on Investigation Discovery.

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