5 things to know about Wisconsin woman Theresa Wesolowski's murder case

Theresa Wesolowski (Image via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)
Theresa Wesolowski (Image via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

People Magazine Presents: Crimes of the '90s is ready to dive into the brutal murder of Theresa Wesolowski, who was brutally stabbed to death near her workplace. After years of failed investigation, the authorities finally singled out the perpetrator after new developments in DNA testing technology pointed out an unusual suspect in the case.

Titled 1999: Roadside Murder, the synopsis for the upcoming episode reads:

"People Magazine examines the 1999 murder of 22-year-old Wisconsin woman Theresa Wesolowski; it would take police nearly ten years, plus advances in DNA, to bring her killer to justice."
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There are many interesting facts that surround the case. Below, we have compiled five such interesting facts about the case of Theresa Wesolowski's brutal stabbing.

Five quick facts about Theresa Wesolowski's murder

1) Theresa Wesolowski's death was ruled as "rage killing" due to the manner of killing

Bonnie: Theresa Wesolowski murder 5/28/1999 Germantown, WI: DNA match links suspect to 1999 slaying of Germantow...

Theresa's body was found with over 40 stab wounds on the front of her body and neck. Authorities also alleged that she was stabbed in multiple locations, including the street, the grass, and against the car. The brutal manner of her death led the authorities to believe that the murderer stabbed her with ample rage.

The authorities also alleged that the motive was not robbery as she did not have any money missing.

2) The authorities initially suspected her boyfriend and another coworker

Blood Trail - Unusual Suspects: In 1999, Theresa Wesolowski of Germantown, WI is found with 46 stab wounds. Unra...

The authorities began by singling out her boyfriend, Charlie, as is customary. Theresa and Charlie allegedly argued frequently. When he was brought in for questioning, he seemed nervous but claimed that he was home that night. His mother testified to this claim.

The police soon turned their attention to a coworker of Theresa's, Isaac Alvarez. Theresa and Alvarez allegedly argued on the day of her murder, and the man allegedly carried a knife with him at all times. He was also ruled out after a polygraph test.

3) Theresa's family held a vigil in her honor every year

Blood Trail - Unusual Suspects: In 1999, Theresa Wesolowski of Germantown, WI is found with 46 stab wounds. Unra...

Though the case was slowly growing cold with authorities running out of leads, Theresa Wesolowski's family kept the case alive with annual vigils in her honor. In one of those vigils, the family noticed flower arrangements on her grave. No one knew who did this. The authorities believed that someone felt guilty for her death and that the killer was still out there.

4) Mark Libecki was singled out after advancements in DNA testing indicated he was involved

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Mark Libecki, a friend of Theresa's from work, was not one of the suspects in the case. It was only after DNA results indicated the co-worker that the authorities started to investigate him. They had many shocking revelations, including the discovery that he made up everything about his life and that he had feelings for Theresa Wesolowski.

5) Libecki claimed that another co-worker murdered Theresa and threatened him to keep quiet

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Libecki, the prime suspect in the case, claimed that another co-worker, Tom Thompson, murdered Theresa in Libecki's car and he witnessed it. He claimed that he was allegedly buying cocaine from Tom when Theresa entered the car. Tom stabbed Theresa to death and threatened Libecki that he would kill him if he said anything.

Thompson died three years before Libecki's arrest. The authorities did not believe the latter's claim.

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