5 times Katy Perry crushed on American Idol contestants

Katy Perry as a part of American Idol (Image via @katyperry/Instagram)
Katy Perry as a part of American Idol (Image via @katyperry/Instagram)

With her mesmerizing voice and arresting charms, Katy Perry has made a place for herself in the hearts of millions. With billions of views on YouTube, classic pop songs, and record-breaking performances, the star has made a name better than anybody in the music industry. Her quirky music videos have been a few of the greatest hits of this generation.

Her achievements have also earned her a spot as a judge in American Idol, aiming to find talented singers and provide them with much-needed recognition. Contrasting the standard procedure, Katy Perry brings her own unique style to the platform. Her enthusiasm and high-spirits have raised the appeal American Idol holds.

Katy Perry, being a part of American Idol, increased the show's attractiveness and desirability. With her vast fan following, she inspired and flirted her way into the hearts of most contestants. Here's a list of her successful attempts.

Five times Katy Perry flirted with American Idol contestants

1) Nick Merico


One of Katy Perry's most recent crushes on American Idol was 22-year-old Nick Merico in 2019, who managed to leave her speechless. After Nick's outstanding performance, Katy jokingly invited him over to her house for an open mic session. Nick later on confessed to having a crush on Katy.

2) Benjamin Glaze


Coming across as a shock to most people, Katy Perry kissed a 19-year-old contestant named Benjamin Glaze on season 16 of American Idol. However, the best part of the incident is often left out. Katy was Benjamin's first kiss.

Benjamin was asked if he had ever kissed a girl before, to which he replied saying that he had never had a girlfriend. In the next few moments, not only did he get kissed on the cheek but to his surprise, Katy stole a lip-to-lip moment from the teen.

3) Juan Pablo


Katy was absolutely smitten by Juan Pablo's exquisite Spanish performance. The two enacted a scenario for the audience, making his performance even more dramatic. As per Katy's request, Pablo also kissed her hand.

4) Trevor Holmes


Katy seemed to have a giant crush on Trevor Holmes, describing him as "you're so hot" in the same episode where she kissed Benjamin. She flirted with him throughout and during his audition when the contestant talked about working to pay his mother's medical bills, she remarked with:

"Trevor, he is so hot, he does construction on the site and he loves his mom."

Sadly, Trevor had a girlfriend and Katy was sad to learn that.

5) Cade Foehner


Right after his performance, Katy was seen going crazy for contestant Cade Foehner. She even faked passing out because of his charms and was outraged to learn about his girlfriend.

There were moments when Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie had to hold her back from doing something mindless out of sheer excitement.

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