'Abbott Elementary': What does the new sitcom bring to the table?

'Abbott Elementary' Season 1 (Image via ABC)
'Abbott Elementary' Season 1 (Image via ABC)

Abbott Elementary, the newest show by ABC Network, is all set to release its special premiere on December 7, 2021. ABC had previously released a teaser trailer for Abbott Elementary earlier this year in May and is finally ready for the release of its very first episode.

So, what is Abbott Elementary all about? Essentially, it is a mockumentary-style sitcom that focuses on the public school education system in the US. Quinta Brunson is the creator of the series and also stars in it as a second grade teacher.


'Abbott Elementary' plot analysis

Abbott Elementary is a mockumentary set in the public education sphere and will explore themes of under-funding, over-crowding and the lack of proper system and discipline. However, it will do so in a humorous, light-hearted way while simultaneously commenting on the public education system.

The plot will follow a group of elementary school teachers who try to change the system from within. This group of passionate teachers are sure to face the struggles that come with a government funded school in the United States. However, they will be on a valiant quest to help the students of Philadelphia Public School achieve success.

It seems like this show is in it for the long haul since it follows in the footsteps of other popular mockumentary-style sitcoms like Modern Family and The Office, both of which ran for more than nine seasons.

This may soon be a battle of will against the district that funds the school. And it surely seems like there will be ample social commentary involved. The trailer shows certain comic parts, and it can be easily inferred that the style of humor will be close to the kind seen on The Office, with awkwardness taking center stage.

'Abbott Elementary' plot synopsis and release date

The plot synopsis of Abbott Elementary reads: "A group of dedicated, passionate teachers -- and a slightly tone-deaf principal -- find themselves thrown together in a Philadelphia public school where, despite the odds stacked against them, they are determined to help their students succeed in life. Though these incredible public servants may be outnumbered and underfunded, they love what they do -- even if they don't love the school district's less-than-stellar attitude toward educating children."

The pilot episode of Abbott Elementary will be released on the ABC network on December 7, 2021 making it a mid-season release. The number of episodes or the plot synopsis of the first episode has not been released by the channel yet.

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