After aespa's Giselle, ASTRO’s Sanha comes under fire for racist comments

A still of ASTRO member Sanha (Image via @officialastro/Instagram)
A still of ASTRO member Sanha (Image via @officialastro/Instagram)
Paige Greene

ASTRO's Sanha has been slammed by netizens for his insensitive comments on what seemed to be a variety show. A section of the video saw Sanha make a paper plane, which doesn't look like a paper plane.

So when the host asked him what the plane looked like, the idol said reggae locks. Reggae locks refer to the 'dreadlocks' hairstyle worn by members of the Black community.

He also made further comments about braids worn by Black people, that hurt his Black fans and offended netizens. According to a fan who was present when the video was shot, Sanha did not stop with his comments.

He along with others did a dance battle where Sanha put on a plane that looked similar to a braid on his head and did a stereotypical Black rapper-style walk with a Jamaican accent.

Fans are tired of K-Pop idols after video surfaces of ASTRO's Sanha making racist comments

Some fans pointed out on YouTube that the idols needed to be educated and made aware of such things. This comes in the wake of aespa's Giselle being caught lip syncing to the n-word while vibing with an SZA song.

Many have also claimed that it is hard to be a fan of K-Pop when idols do not make an effort to educate themselves.

When one of the fans defended the singer by saying that it was just a joke, they were also slammed for being insensitive. Over the years, Black kids have been suspended from school because of their natural hairstyle, and adults have lost out on several job opportunities.

All of these facts were pointed out to the fan, who was unaware of the far-reaching effects of such actions.

A screenshot of reactions by fans (Image via kpopish/YouTube)
A screenshot of reactions by fans (Image via kpopish/YouTube)
A screenshot of reactions by fans (Image via kpopish/YouTube)
A screenshot of reactions by fans (Image via kpopish/YouTube)

On Instagram too, fans reacted to Sanha's comments and said that it was high time that the idols made an effort to understand the consequences of their actions. People wondered what was wrong with idols this year, considering the number of scandals that have rocked the industry.

From bullying accusations to lip-syncing to slurs, there is no dearth of negative publicity for the K-Pop industry.

Sanha returned to work recently after quarantining due to contact with COVID-19 positive case

ASTRO's Sanha returned to work at the end of September after fulfilling a week of quarantine time. At the time, the agency released a statement which said:

"Members Moonbin and Sanha, who were ordered to quarantine until September 28 (today) after being identified as having had close contact with a COVID-19 positive case, have both tested negative for COVID-19 during their final PCR examination. As a result, Moonbin and Sanha plan on resuming all activities beginning on September 29."

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