All you need to know about Pepsi’s New Zero Sugar formula

Pepsi introduces an even better Pepsi New Zero Sugar formula (Image via PepsiCO)
Pepsi introduces an even better Pepsi New Zero Sugar formula (Image via PepsiCO)

PepsiCo is changing how your Zero Sugar Pepsi tastes as the brand has now unveiled a new and improved formula for the drink. One of the largest cola brands across the globe, PepsiCo has taken a massive step towards making the diet-friendly no-sugar pepsi taste even better than the regular beverage by using a completely new sweetener.

Tests and trials conducted across the country have proved that the new innovative formula is preferred greatly over the old one. Though the brand has not hinted at what the new sweetener in the formula is, it claims that customers can expect the new flavor to have a really smooth cola taste, making it even better for pairing with all sorts of savory snacks and food.

PepsiCo unveils a new and improved Zero Sugar formula (Image via PepsiCo)
PepsiCo unveils a new and improved Zero Sugar formula (Image via PepsiCo)

PepsiCo made the big announcement through a press release, with Todd Kaplan, Chief Marketing Officer of the brand, saying:

"At Pepsi, we put our consumers at the forefront of everything we do."

Confident about the new and improved beverage, the CMO announced that PepsiCo will also be providing over ten million free Pepsi Zerō Sugars to people across the country:

"Our R&D team leveraged the best new beverage technology to upgrade our Pepsi Zero Sugar product to give fans the best tasting cola in the zero-sugar category. The product is truly a breakthrough as it is the best zerō sugar cola we've ever had – period. We're so confident in its taste, that we are making up to 10 million free Pepsi Zerō Sugars available to consumers so that people can try it for themselves."

How to claim the new and improved Pepsi Zero Sugar formula for free

PepsiCo is promoting the new and improved Zero Sugar Pepsi with the tagline "Never tasted so good."

As the new Pepsi beverages start appearing on store shelves by next week, customers will get to enjoy a flavor profile that may seem completely different from what they are familiar with.

The zero-sugar segment for most soda brands across the globe has always been a hit-and-miss. While Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been the closest to providing an authentic and sweet zero sugar taste, the two brands have continuously been competing to get better at it. With the new Zero Sugar formula, PepsiCo hopes to achieve a larger share of the zero-sugar soda market in the coming days.

As mentioned earlier, PepsiCo will be conducting a nationwide giveaway of over ten million no sugar Pepsis for customers. Through the promotional giveaway, the brand wants to allow customers to try out the new and improved taste of the cola beverage for free.

Customers will be able to claim a free Pepsi when they text "FREE PEPSI" during the Super Bowl Playoffs and "FREE ZERO" during the Super Bowl LVII to 81234.

The giveaway is open to 50 states of the United States and the district of Columbia. It must be noted that the brand will not be giving away any actual freebies, but will reimburse the cost of one Zero Sugar Pepsi to over ten million participants across the country.

The reimbursement is limited to one Pepsi per participant.

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