Amy Allan murder case: How did she die?

Dateline's The Last Day episode covers Amy Allan's murder case (Image via Rotten Tomatoes)
Dateline's The Last Day episode covers Amy Allan's murder case (Image via Rotten Tomatoes)

Amy Allan was the victim of a failing marriage and alleged domestic violence as the wrath of her controlling husband ended up ruining her life.

A 2018 case that initially seemed like death by suicide took an unexpected turn upon the discovery of unsettling evidence which pointed to the possibility of Amy being murdered. Her husband, James Allan, was accused of murdering his wife soon after. He was eventually tried in court and convicted of second-degree murder.

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Exploring the case of Amy Allan's tragic murder in 2018

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When first responders arrived at Amy and James Allan's house in Tecumseh, Michigan on September 14, 2018, upon receiving a panic-stricken call from the latter, they found the victim in the basement of the house with an electrical cord around her neck. Although authorities initially thought that the victim wasn't breathing, they soon noticed a faint pulse, following which they rushed her to a nearby hospital where she succumbed to her injuries on September 17.

The case, which initially appeared to be suicide by hanging, was revealed to be a murder when autopsy reports revealed that Amy Allan had died as a result of asphyxiation. Police soon opened an investigation after receiving reports regarding James' unusual behavior from first responders and hospital staff. Concerns were also raised regarding the wire tied around the victim's neck as it didn't seem tight enough to kill her.

About two years later, a case was filed against James, charging him with murder after all the pieces fell into place. If found guilty of killing his wife, the jury had the choice of convicting him of either first-degree or second-degree murder. However, if found guilty of second-degree murder, the terms imposed would include a provision for release.

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Opposing James' claims of Amy dying by suicide, which he presented to police and emergency medical officials on September 14, 2018, the jury determined that Amy was murdered. In court, the prosecution argued that James Allan choked her by wrapping his arm around her neck and rendering her unconscious before strangling her with the cord. He intended to make it seem like she hanged herself in the basement of the Allans' house on North Maumee Street in Tecumseh.

During the trial, it was indicated that Amy had a history of abusing alcohol which often led to her showing bipolar behavior when she was drunk. However, James had previously stated at the hospital that his wife had no history of alcohol abuse or mental illness.

After two weeks of hearing testimonies from a number of people who were directly or indirectly involved in the case, James Allan was ultimately convicted of second-degree murder of his wife in 2021. The 39-year-old was sentenced to 45 years in prison.

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