What time will Preaching Evil air on Peacock? Release date, plot and more about Warren Jeffs' docu-series

The promotional poster for Preaching Evil: A Wife on the Run with Warren Jeffs (Image via Peacock)
The promotional poster for Preaching Evil: A Wife on the Run with Warren Jeffs (Image via Peacock)

Preaching Evil: A Wife on the Run with Warren Jeffs is a highly-anticipated jaw-dropping true-crime documentary series that is all set to make its debut this April 2022, exclusively on Peacock.

With the growing popularity of the true-crime genre, this intriguing docuseries joins Peacock's catalog of true-crime content, which includes Perfect World: A Deadly Game, Lies and Social Media, The Murder of Gabby Petito: Truth, Epstein's Shadow: Ghislaine Maxwell, Killer Couples, John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Disguise, The Case of Caylee Anthony, Buried in the Backyard and many others.

InventTV is producing the docuseries while Sergio Alfaro, Jason Graham, Tiffany Alfaro, Michael Weinberg, Jermaine Johnson, Eric Williams, Vince DiPersio and Jonathan Steven Green have been serving as the executive producers for this upcoming true-crime project.

Preaching Evil will chronicle the story of one of the most notorious cult leaders, Warren Jeffs, who is a polygamist, through the eyes of Naomie Jessop, his favorite wife.

Know all about Peacocok's true-crime docuseries Preaching Evil

What is the release date and time of Preaching Evil?

A still from Preaching Evil, an upcoming Peacock docuseries (Image via YouTube)
A still from Preaching Evil, an upcoming Peacock docuseries (Image via YouTube)

Bringing one of the most startling real-life cult stories to light, this upcoming documentary series of Peacock will premiere on April 26 (Tuesday) at 12.00 am ET, on Peacock.

Reportedly, the documentary series will have 4 episodes in total. The first episode of the upcoming docuseries is titled 'A False Prophet Rises' while the second is titled 'Heavenly Sessions'.

What can be expected from the upcoming Peacock docuseries?

The shocking docuseries will give the audience a closer and privy view of one of the most infamous cults led by Warren Jeffs. It will showcase an exclusive interview with Naomie Jessop, Jeffs' favorite wife and also his personal follower. She was always by Warren's side and witnessed both his epic reign and fall.

The docuseries will also feature several significant interviews given by the cult leader's ex-wife and children.

The synopsis for Preaching Evil, given by Peacock, reads:

" Preaching Evil: A Wife on the Run with Warren Jeffs is an eye-opening docuseries that tells the story of polygamist cult leader Warren Jeffs through the lens of his favorite wife Naomie Jessop. The 4-episode series gives a unique perspective into one of the most notorious cults featuring an exclusive interview with Jessop, who was Jeffs’ personal scribe and was by his side for every step of his dramatic rise to power and his fall from grace. The series features interviews with Jeffs’ former wife Vicki Thompson and their children Wendell and Sarah, members of law enforcement who were instrumental in the raid on the Zion Ranch and the lawyers involved in Jeffs’ sentencing."

The synopsis for Episode 1 of the series, 'A False Prophet Rises', says:

"Warren Jeffs takes over as prophet of the FLDS, a small religious sect that practices polygamy, and names one of his many wives, Naomie, his personal scribe. She joins him on a quest to avoid interest from law enforcement regarding his deviances."

While the synopsis for Episode 2 of Preaching Evil, titled 'Heavenly Sessions' reads:

"FLDS prophet Warren Jeffs implements a well-mannered reign of terror over his members, tormenting those who trust him the most; eventually, the followers begin leaking information to the authorities, forcing Warren and Naomie on the run."

How's the trailer for the docuseries looking?


Since Peacock's release of the gripping docuseries' trailer on April 5, it has already started to create quite a lot of anticipation and thrill among viewers. Audiences are eager to learn all about this flabbergasting cult story and how it unfolded.

By the looks of the trailer, it is evident that the Peacock documentary series is going to be quite intense and eye-opening. It will certainly be interesting for viewers to see everything from the viewpoint of Naomie Jessop, the woman who experienced the entire cult journey being right by the side of Warren Jeffs.

Don't forget to catch Preaching Evil, arriving this April 26 (Tuesday), 2022, at 12 am ET, exclusively on Peacock.

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