Are Jennie and G-Dragon dating? New information gives rumors traction

Fans react to Jennie and G-Dragon's supposed relationship (Images via YG Entertainment)
Fans react to Jennie and G-Dragon's supposed relationship (Images via YG Entertainment)

The "Jennie Kim and G-Dragon" rumors are back in full force once again, after the pair were spotted together at the former's CF shoot recently.

Jennie Kim is a member of the 4-piece K-pop girl group BLACKPINK, while G-Dragon is a part of BIGBANG, a 4-member K-pop boy group. They are both currently signed under YG Entertainment, along with their respective groups.

With a new lead on the story came a new wave of reactions from people part of the K-pop community. Many were divided on how they felt about the alleged couple due to factors regarding their shared past.

Are Jennie and G-Dragon a couple? Fans seem to think so, as the two are spotted together

Since the duo's latest spotting, the rumors surrounding Jennie and G-Dragon's apparent relationship have once again gained traction.

As per a report from South Korean news agency Star News, the former was paid a special visit by the BIGBANG member while shooting for a product advertorial for which she is an endorsement model. As stated by Star News, the supposed couple are "dating well," going strong, and meeting frequently.

Some fans were unconvinced by the news, owing to the lack of pictures provided when reporting the news.

These rumors first saw light when South Korean newsgroup Dispatch said that the two K-pop idols had been dating for almost a year. They also provided pictures of the two meeting at G-Dragon's home in Seoul's Hannam-dong.

Dispatch is infamous for revealing secret celebrity couples in the K-pop industry. Usually, the pairs they assume will generate the most buzz and hype are reserved for revelation on New Year's every year.

When pushed to comment on the dating rumors (when they first broke out), YG Entertainment put out a statement saying they couldn't confirm anything regarding the private lives of their artists.

Jennie and G-Dragon were first seen on-screen together for the latter's "That XX" music video. It was released in 2012, and at that time, Jennie was around 16 years old, while G-Dragon was around 24.

The discourse was rampant among fans regarding the age gap between the two artists, with different perspectives being shared.

As with the first outbreak of these rumors, there were plenty of fans supporting the two, asking others to respect their privacy and leave them alone.

As there is no confirmation from either YG Entertainment or the idols themselves, the alleged relationship is still technically just a rumor. Aside from their initial statement, the agency is yet to respond.

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