BLACKPINK's Jennie makes her first post on Weverse, sends fans into frenzy

BLACKPINK's Jennie commemorated the event with a few posts (Image via YG Entertainment)
BLACKPINK's Jennie commemorated the event with a few posts (Image via YG Entertainment)

BLACKPINK's global reach doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon, with the creation of a community on the popular fan-artist-interaction platform Weverse, with Jennie commemorating the event!

Weverse is an online platform used by fans to officially communicate with artists who have an official community on the platform. The app was developed by HYBE Corporation (previously known as BigHit Entertainment). A few of the artists currently on the forum are BTS, TXT, Treasure, CL, and NU'EST.

After Jennie's post, it seemed to have rubbed some people the wrong way due to what is being referred to as a "glitch" on Weverse's part.

BLACKPINK makes their official entrance to Weverse, and Jennie starts the train

Midway through July, BLACKPINK's entertainment label YG announced that the girls would be joining Weverse on August 2nd.

Today, a special video was posted featuring all the BLACKPINK members, announcing that they'd officially be using the platform from now on.

BLACKPINK fans were happy to see the news and even happier after Jennie put up a couple of posts on the platform, talking with other fans and sharing a few pictures of herself.

Immediately, Jennie began trending on Twitter, and fans flooded the site with messages of encouragement and excitement after seeing her posts.

Soon after, however, trouble began to stir in paradise. Supposedly, Weverse sent out notifications of Jennie's posts to those who hadn't joined the BLACKPINK community within the application yet, creating mixed reactions.

While many were simply confused, some fans began to express anger at the "glitch" (as some referred to it). Others directed anger towards Jennie, and a few were happy to see another artist join the ever-growing platform.

Blinks (fans of BLACKPINK) did not skip a beat and immediately stepped up to defend Jennie from the negative attention she was inadvertently receiving.

BLACKPINK is also present on the fan interaction platform Daum Cafe, as well as Weibo. They have their Instagram accounts as well and a joint Twitter account.

Following Jennie's post, Blinks are hoping to see the rest of the BLACKPINK members join her in posting on the platform as well.

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