What happened to Kris Wu? Former EXO member arrested on suspicion of rape

Kris Wu arrested by Beijing police after recent allegations (Image via Vogue)
Kris Wu arrested by Beijing police after recent allegations (Image via Vogue)

Police are making a move on Kris Wu after a series of girls in China made serious accusations against the pop star recently.

Kris Wu previously used to work in the Kpop industry, as a member of the boy group EXO under SM Entertainment. In 2014, he attempted to terminate his contract with the label and left, citing health reasons and a lack of freedom.

The case seems to be developing at rapid speed, and many have come out to speak on the allegations.

Allegations made against Kris Wu: A rough summary

On July 8th, a Chinese netizen by the name of Du Meizhu posted a series of screenshots of text messages and threw accusations against Kris Wu; allegations which were namely rape and solicitation. She reported that Kris Wu was allegedly involved with several girls, some of them underage.

Continuing, she said, many were lured under the false pretenses of a job or other sorts of benefits. She also recounted how she had intercourse with him when she visited his place for a party, as he threatened to end her acting career.

Meizhu gave him the ultimatum of leaving the entertainment industry in 24 hours, or she would ruin his career.

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Kris Wu's agency denied all of the accusations, stating they'd file a suit against her for defamation. However, Du Meizhu shot back at them, sharing to the public that they had sent her a contract asking her to retract her statement in return for money.

She uploaded videos of bank transaction statements on her phone, stating that this was "hush money" Kris Wu and his mother had supposedly sent her in order to retract the statements she made against him.

Many brands began to drop Kris Wu from their sponsorship roster, either choosing to terminate or suspend his contract for the time being.

As time passed, more and more women began to come out in support of Du Meizhu's accusations, posting screenshots of conversations they had with Kris Wu - many of them sexually charged.

Along the line, Kris Wu had made a public statement that all the accusations made against him were false, and if they were true, he would willingly go to jail.

Kris Wu arrested for investigation, and fans are shocked

Today, on the 31st of July, Kris Wu was arrested by the police in Beijing, China in order to carry out their investigation regarding the allegations made against him. The former K-pop star is currently a Canadian resident.

A week prior to this, Beijing police had issued a statement stating that Du Meizhu, as well as the others that had made accusations, had not filed an official police report against him.

They also confirmed that Du Meizhu had indeed had sex with Kris Wu at his place, after drinking. Police also stated that the initial posts made by Meizhu and her acquaintance were supposedly for online attention.

After the arrest was made, several people came out to voice their opinions on the situation.

In an interview, Du Meizhu revealed that since she had made the accusations, at least 30 women contacted her stating they had faced the same thing; several of them were minors.

The case is currently developing, and many are awaiting a statement to be released by the police; however, several have voiced their distrust towards them, owing to their attempt at neutralizing the case made by Du Meizhu by implying that she made her initial posts for attention.

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