Former EXO member Kris Wu loses brand deals amid sexual assault controversy

A still of Kris Wu. (Instagram)
A still of Kris Wu. (Instagram)

Former EXO member and famous Chinese actor, Kris Wu was accused of sexual assault by a 19-year-old girl.

Du Meizhu claimed in an interview with Wangyi that Kris Wu had raped her and 30 other victims, some of whom were underage teenagers. Du Meizhu also claimed that Kris Wu would get the girls drunk before sexually assaulting them.

The 31-year-old actor is one of the top stars in China. According to translations of the interview posted on Twitter, it was alleged that Kris Wu would "pick up" young girls from fan cafes, after which he would invite them to hotels. He reportedly called these meetings with young girls "mini fan meetings."

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Translation of Du Meizhu's interview

In the interview, Du Meizhu also revealed that she would be filing a police report against Kris Wu. The social media influencer announced this after the actor's agency, on hearing Du Meizhu's claims, reported that they would be filing a defamation lawsuit against her.

She added that there were victims who had evidence so she would work with them and the police to bring the truth to light.

She also expressed that she is done holding back. Initially, the victims were simply requesting a sincere apology. And instead of receiving one, they were brushed aside.

In the interview that was released on July 18, it was also alleged that one of the victims had to go through an abortion after learning that Kris Wu had contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

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Kris Wu loses brand deals over sexual assault allegations

On July 18, skincare brand, KANS dropped Kris Wu and terminated their contract with him.

According to posts on Weibo, other brands that had collaborated with Kris Wu had also begun to make social media posts private.

Du Meizhu's first post on Instagram against Kris Wu

Before the interview, Du Meizhu had alleged that Kris Wu had lured her under the pretext of providing her with opportunities in music videos and singing contracts. She also revealed that he would only target women born in or after 2000.

She provided screenshots of chats from individuals who had claimed to be victims. In the screenshots, the women who claimed to be victims alleged that Kris Wu had lured them into playing drinking games.

Following this Kris Wu would persuade them into spending the night with him.

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Kris Wu's legal representative denies all allegations

The first time Du Meizhu made these allegations on social media, Kris Wu's legal representative from a Beijing law firm said they would file a police report in addition to filing a defamation case.

It was also speculated that Kris Wu's representative had settled with Du Meizhu after recordings of her chat conversation were released online. The purported chat revealed that the accuser had asked for 8 million yuan. It was rejected and both sides reportedly settled on 2 million yuan.

The alleged conditions were attached along with settlement money. The accuser was asked to delete the posts and also admit that the information she had released had not been verified.

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