"Are they served with Russian dressing?": Trump Burger Texas restaurant sparks hilarious responses online

Trump Burger (Image via trumpburgerofbellville/Facebook)
Trump Burger (Image via trumpburgerofbellville/Facebook)
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On Friday, July 29, the Trump Burger restaurant in Bellville, Texas, garnered numerous reactions after being covered in an article by the Houston Chronicle. As the name suggests, the restaurant serves as a monument to former US President Donald Trump.

The front of the location features a large circular sign of the 45th US President, which seems to have been inspired by one of his campaign buttons. The signage added to the front of the location features the 76-year-old New York native in a "thumbs up" pose with the US flag behind him.

Following media coverage of the restaurant, a legion of netizens reacted to the establishment that pays homage to the former President. Multiple tweets also joked about how the burgers at the restaurant will be served with Russian dressing.

@HoustonChron Are they served with Russian dressing?

This is a clear reference to the allegations of Donald Trump's possible ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has been accused of influencing the 2016 United States Presidential election.

Netizens react to Trump Burger restaurant in Texas

As reports of the Trump Burger went viral, pro-Democrat Twitter users joked that the restaurant has overcharged for its menu items, while others referenced the allegations against the former President.

While most of the responses ridiculed the restaurant owner's decision to pay homage to Donald Trump, pro-Republican netizens expressed their support and tweeted pictures of themselves in the restaurant.

Trump Burger restaurant in Texas is a tourist attraction and monument to the former

Trump Burger restuarant in Texas (Details explored)


According to the Houston Chronicle, the restaurant is owned by second-generation Lebanese-American Roland Beainy. It seems that his entire family is pro-Donald Trump. In his statement to the publication, Beainy expressed why he loves the former President.

The restaurant owner said:

"Being an immigrant from a place where everything is bad and you work for almost $200, you see somebody like him to support the country and get the economy doing better. Me being an entrepreneur, I appreciate what he did."

The 'About' section of the Trump Burger restaurant's website sings further praises for Donald Trump.

It reads:

"We are passionate Trump supporters who believe in MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. It's because of the VALUES that Trump DEFENDS that we have the opportunity to thrive! We look forward to Trump's re-election in 2024, and we encourage COLLECTIVE support as we believe he is the man who can lead and unite our beautiful nation! God bless the United States of America."

The now-trending restaurant is located on South Front Street, Bellville, Texas and caters to the local public as a burger joint with take-out and dine-in options. According to the joint's official website, the restaurant opened in 2020.

Some of the more popular food options that customers can try out in the place include the Trump burger (available for $10.99) and Trump tower (available for $13.99). The latter doubles the amount of beef patty and cheese slices from the former.

Trump Burger also has a mock menu item based on Democratic Party member and current President Joe Biden. The item is named Biden burger and is priced at $50.99.

The menu item's description reads:

"1 oz beef, topped with tomato lettuce (not fresh ) and our old buns (not available for cheating reasons)."

Within two years, the restaurant has garnered a 4.2-star rating with 647 Google reviews. The rating is not surprising, as the majority of Texas citizens are pro-Republican.

According to Politico, around 11,447 citizens of Austin County (which includes the town where the restaurant is located, i.e., Bellville) voted for Trump. This constitutes 78.7 percent of county votes.

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