ARMY treated to refreshments by Nordstrom while waiting for BTS-themed merchandise

The K-pop group collaborated with Nordstrom to release their merchandise (Image via Twitter/@bts_bighit)
The K-pop group collaborated with Nordstrom to release their merchandise (Image via Twitter/@bts_bighit)

BTS has released limited-edition merchandise in Nordstrom stores around the world. As always, their fanbase, ARMY, rushed to the nearest store and waited in line to get their hands on the exclusive products.

After fans waited in line for hours, Nordstrom made a sweet gesture and took care of their customers by providing snacks and drinks.

The group's limited-edition merchandise is selling out quickly. If viewers miss out on the latest drop, Amazon and other retail outlets have a decent variety of themed merchandise.

Nordstrom makes the BTS merchandise experience a little sweet

The iconic K-pop boy group announced their collaboration with Nordstrom in February 2022. The septet decided to sell its merchandise in numerous Nordstrom stores and ARMYs were quick to reach the locations.

Since there was a huge demand for the products, fans queued up in long lines and waited for the store doors to open. The staff made the experience comfortable and a little less stressful with some delicious treats and drinks.

The kind gesture from the store soon went viral on social media platforms. Customers thanked the staff for looking after them and posted pictures of the snack items.

At one of the locations, a fan thanked Nordstrom and its staff for handing out packages of colorful macarons to snack on before they entered the store.

Another fan in a different location posted a picture and shared that they received cripsy buttery popcorn in a transparent packaging with the label “NORDSTROM” stuck on it.

Meanwhile, fans in New York enjoyed their hot chocolate in take-away cups as they stood in line with their umbrellas and fur jackets. Nordstrom certainly knows how to treat their customers and make their experience a memorable one.

Nordstrom's limited edition BTS merchandise

The K-pop legends prove that they’ve got every concert-going fan in mind with exclusive products for Nordstrom’s new BTS-themed merchandise collection. The designs dropped on February 25, 2022. The officially licensed products will focus on a variety of the band’s hitmakers like Butter, DNA, Dynamite, Mic Drop, and Boy With Luv.

The limited-edition drop features gender-neutral clothing that can be worn by any fan. In case fans missed out on the artist-made collections and HYBE's official merchandise, the new items include a range of apparel, including t-shirts, sweatpants, furry bucket hats, slippers, and much more.

Each item costs between $9 to $133. The collection also includes exciting BTS photo flags that fans can enthusiastically wave around during concerts or fan meets.

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