Arnold Schwarzenegger accident: Actor involved in multi-car crash after his GMC Yukon SUV collides with Toyota Prius

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his black GMC Yukon were involved in a crash (Image via Dave J Hogan/Getty Images, and KTLA 5)
Arnold Schwarzenegger and his black GMC Yukon were involved in a crash (Image via Dave J Hogan/Getty Images, and KTLA 5)

On January 21, Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a car crash at Sunset Boulevard, injuring at least one woman. The star was driving his black GMC Yukon SUV, which collided with a Red Toyota Prius before it partly rolled onto a white Porsche Cayenne.

As per reports, the lady in the Prius sustained minor injuries and reportedly bled from her head. She was rushed to a nearby hospital in an ambulance.


Some photos of the scene were released, which showcased that Schwarzenegger was not injured. In the pictures, the star reportedly gave statements to the law enforcement officials.

Furthermore, as per TMZ's report from witnesses, the 74-year-old was concerned for the injured woman and wanted to "personally check up on her".

How did Arnold Schwarzenegger's SUV crash into the Prius?


According to multiple publications, police reports confirmed that Schwarzenegger was somewhat at fault for the accident. While turning left, he allegedly did not wait for the 'left turn' arrow to turn green.

The accident occurred near the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Allenford Avenue at around 4.35 pm. Arnold came from the road which merged straight into the Boulevard.

He reportedly tried to make a premature left turn and hit the Prius, coming from the same direction. Released photos of the scene revealed that both cars had deployed airbags after the collision.

Schwarzenegger's SUV was reportedly in the process of making a U-turn when it hit the Prius and climbed onto it before it rolled back at a tilted angle. His car also hit the Cayenne directly behind his Yukon and damaged another nearby vehicle.

The multi-car crash occurred around a mile away from the former Californian Governor's house in Brentwood. Arnold Schwarzenegger also had his friend, fitness entrepreneur, and actor Jake Steinfeld accompanying him.

While the LAPD did not ticket the Terminator star, it remains to be seen if he will be sued by the injured woman or other drivers involved in the four-car collision.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a bad history with car accidents as he lost his elder brother Meinhard to one in 1971 in Austria. Previously, the actor was involved in a skiing accident in 2006 in Idaho, in which he broke his right leg's femur.

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