Billie Eilish x Nike Air Force 1 High: 3 things to know

Billie Eilish x Nike Air Force 1 High sneakers (Image via Nike)
Billie Eilish x Nike Air Force 1 High sneakers (Image via Nike)

Nike recently joined hands with Bad Guy singer Billie Eilish for a new take on its iconic Air Force 1 High. Although the first look of their collaboration has been unveiled by Nike, the official launch dates are still awaited.

Over the years, Nike has worked with many big names of the music world, including psychedelic singer Travis Scott, Pusha T, American rapper Kendrick Lamar, and South Korean rapper G-Dragon. Billie is the latest addition to the list.

Three salient things to know about Billie Eilish x Nike Air Force 1 High

1) The collab’s sneakers are topped with five velcro straps

The new Air Force 1 High shoes are made in a tonal “Mushroom” colorway. The upper body is entirely enclosed with premium suede. Most part of the uppers is adorned with five velcro straps that are fixed on the suede uppers with tonal buckles. The velcro straps are also made with sandy suedes that completely blanket the tongue tags and the laces of the pairs.

The mushroom-colored inner soles possess the co-branding of Nike and Billie. Adjacent to this is one hidden message that reads “It’s hard to stop it once it starts”. A similar message can also be viewed on the customized shoebox.

2) Grammys awardee is not new to sneaker collabs

Billie Eilish is not new to sneaker collaborations. In 2021, the singer released her two collaborative pairs with Michael Jordan’s footwear label. The duo recreated Jordan’s classic Air Jordan 1 KO and Air Jordan 15. The former was fashioned in an all-neon green makeup, while the latter was adorned with monochromatic sandy beige colors.

Taking a step forward in sustainable fashion, both the shoes were made 100% vegan. In addition to this, around 20% of their raw materials included upcycled products.

3) Billie Eilish’s genderless stick figure featured on the sneakers

The latest Air Force 1 High features the singer’s quirky stick-figure Blohsh monogram. Upon closely viewing the images of the pairs, the tiny Blohsh logo can be seen attached to the laces. It appears as if the small logo is peeping from between the two velcro straps running over the laces.

Billie Eilish adopted this unique monogram back in 2016, which gained popularity over the years. The Blohsh logo features a genderless human stick-figure that leans slightly towards the left. Although Billie’s logo is normally drawn in yellow or acid-green colors, for the Nike collaboration it is made in Mushroom tonal color.

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