Black Adam's power and abilities: 5 things to know about the DC character

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam (Images via IMDb and Instagram: blackadammovie, & zavviuk )
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam (Images via IMDb and Instagram: blackadammovie, & zavviuk )

As DC fans across the globe can't wait for the upcoming Black Adam movie, we decided to take a deep dive into the character and talk about some of his superpowers. Before we get to that, let us quickly see who this character really is.

Black Adam is an anti-hero character and is considered to be the nemesis of Shazam. As per the comic books, he was initially a slave who got superpowers from Wizard Shazam. Upon misusing those powers, he was again imprisoned until modern times.

And these are the powers he possesses.

Black Adam: 5 powers and abilities

1) Ungodly stamina

The iconic anti-hero is known for having superhuman stamina, which he got from the Egyptian God Shu. This power helps him counter extreme assaults with ease, without losing stamina and strength. On top of that, this power allows him to go without food or rest for infinitity.

2) Supersonic speed and agility

If you think that The Flash is the only one with supersonic speed in the DC universe, you are highly mistaken. Black Adam is a character who can also move and travel at a supernatural speed. He got this power as a gift from the Egyptian God Horus.

3) Inhuman strength

In the DC-verse, Superman is not the only one who can bend metal and break down brick walls with ease. Adam was blessed with inhuman strength by the Egyptian God Amun. This power allows him to exhibit raw strength during fights and defeat his opponents with ease.

4) Expansive knowledge and wisdom

This DC anti-hero is not only about physical strength and power. Apart from possessing those, he is extremely wise and knowledgeable, and has command over a vast range of topics. This power, which he got from the Egyptian God Zehuti, also allows him to understand and communicate in several languages.

5) Power of Aten

DC characters having the ability to fly might not be a big deal but Black Adam is much more than just flying around. Getting this power from Aten, the anti-hero got as powerful as Superman and could repel powerful magic with ease. Last but not least, this power allows Adam to weaponize lightning and strike it on his enemies.

If you want to know more about his powers, you can always read his entire comic series. Or else you can wait for his solo movie to come out in a few months, where you can hope to see some extra powers.

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