"Black Twitter finding out": Carlee Russell memes erupt as press conference revelations spark disbelief 

Hoover Police Department claim there were discrepancies in Carlee Russell
Hoover Police Department claim there were discrepancies in Carlee Russell's kidnap claims (Image via Hoover Police Department)

Carlee Russell’s mysterious disappearance became the topic of interest nationwide in the United States recently. She claimed that she was kidnapped after attempting to save a toddler who was walking barefoot and alone on the side of the Interstate 459. She surprisingly returned home after going missing for 48 hours. Now, police investigators have come forward to state that they found discrepancies in her story.

During a Wednesday afternoon press conference, police chief Nick Derzis announced that they were “unable to verify” Carlee Russell’s account. Speaking about what they found during their investigation into her disappearance, they revealed that her internet search history included searches related to amber alerts, bus tickets and also the movie Taken. Speaking about the last finding, Derzis commented that he found it “very strange.”

The police noted that she specifically searched “do you have to pay for an amber alert” on Google just two days before she vanished. The morning of her disappearance she searched- “How to take money from register without getting caught Reddit.” An hour later on the same day she searched for- “Birmingham bus station.”

Police chief Nick Derzis also announced that there was no evidence of a missing toddler found on the interstate. He also expressed disbelief in the toddler claim. He stated:

“To think that a toddler- barefoot, that could be three or four years old- is going to travel six football fields without getting in the roadway, without crying… it’s just very hard for me to understand.”


Speaking about their current situation, Derzis also added:

“There are many questions left to be answered, but only Carlee can provide those answers. What we can say is that we’ve been unable to verify most of Carlee’s initial statement made to investigators, and we have no reason to believe that there is a threat to the public safety related to this particular case.”

Netizens respond to the police’s disbelief in Carlee Russell’s story

Internet users have created hilarious memes online following the latest press conference. Many could not believe that Carlee Russell seemingly fabricated her entire kidnapping. A few reactions read:

What happened to Carlee Russell?

Carlee Russell was driving home from work last Thursday night when she called police dispatch to tell them that there was a toddler walking by himself in a diaper along the highway on the I-459. However, when police arrived at the scene not only did they not find a toddler but also the 25 year old was nowhere to be found. However, her car continued running with some of her personal belongings remaining on the road.

As a search for her drew attention nationwide, she returned home on Saturday night. She told police officers that a man appeared out of the woods, picked her up and forced her into a car.


Russell claimed that she attempted to escape however, was recaptured and taken to a house where she was made to take her clothes off. She believed that the alleged kidnappers took pictures of her.

She then revealed that she managed to escape after being put in the back of a vehicle.

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