“Blueface pullin’ an R. Kelly”: Video showing rapper demanding young girls get inked or “get lost” sparks fury on Twitter

Blueface has raised the ire of the internet community (Image via Spence Hartung, DJ Booth)
Blueface has raised the ire of the internet community (Image via Spence Hartung, DJ Booth)
R A Karthik Prasad

No one wants to trend alongside Robert Sylvester “R. Kelly” Kelly, especially Johnathan Jamall “Blueface” Michael Porter.

But in the latter’s case, starting an at-home reality show can sometimes go too far. And when it involves housing young girls and cornering them into choosing to get tattoos or be homeless, it is bound to raise questions.

Twitter has been fired up about Blueface, with fans weighing in on the new, abusive controversy. The 24-year-old “Thotiana” rapper is apparently even being compared to the likes of R. Kelly for his cult-ish attempts at branding women, or at least that’s how fans seem to feel.

A new video of Blueface, now viral on social media, shows him walking through the house asking all his girlfriends to get tatted, and it doesn’t seem like they have a choice.

Blueface tells women in bunk beds to get tattoos or “go home”

In Blueface’s bizarre world, there’s some context to the supposed abuse going on under the rapper’s roof. Earlier last year, the rapper announced the start of a reality show, Blue Girls Club, with the series dropping its episodes on OnlyFans.

As the show’s title suggests, it seems to take inspiration from the Bad Girls Club and is all about young girls engaging in dancing, girl-on-girl fights, and living together. The new addition appears to be getting tattoos along with other women in the room.

The Los Angeles native hasn’t yet responded to the leaked video, which likely surfaced via Snapchat and later on to Twitter. Nonetheless, the clip has blown up on Twitter, with many wondering if Blueface is pulling an R. Kelly.

Twitter bursts with reaction to Blueface leaked video; fans compare rapper to R. Kelly

Fans believe that the viral clip seemingly suggests that the rapper was rather making every young girl get “Blueface” tattoos. Although unclear, some women in the video are shown brandishing their new tats.

It’s fair to say that Blueface still hasn’t crossed a line, yet, compared to R. Kelly, whose history of allegations points to sexual abuse, predatory activities with underage girls, producing indecent images of minors, racketeering, etc.

Fans feel that the reality show running rapper could join the league, going by his current red flags. Blueface offered a brief explanation for his new reality show last year and clarified that he doesn’t “have relations with any of these women.”

The 24-year-old explained:

“I’m letting them use my platform as a second chance to chase their dreams without selling themselves to get by. We are all one family. They all have a past. I just wanna change their future.”

Unfortunately, the recent turn of events suggests otherwise. It doesn’t seem to help that the rapper’s Blue Girls Club has comparisons to R. Kelly’s sex “cult,” a home that traps women in an abusive, toxic world where their lives are dictated by powerful men promising fame and money in the biz industry.

In a post-Weinstein world, history has shown that celebrities’ predatorial advances have usually landed them in court denouncing misconduct allegations.

Hopefully, Blueface doesn’t go down the same line, but fans find it hard to believe based on their surprisingly hilarious reactions:

Some fans have also stuck by the rapper’s side, stating that the women in the video chose to be in Blueface’s home and weren’t seduced or forced, as was the case with R. Kelly.

Whatever it is that fans and readers think, this new controversy surrounding BlueFace’s will not die down soon.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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