BTS fans trend #InvestigateSpotify claiming streams for Butter were “deleted” and “not counted”

BTS pose at the Global Press Conference for “Butter” (Image via Teen Vouge)
BTS pose at the Global Press Conference for “Butter” (Image via Teen Vouge)

#InvestigateSpotify has been trending worldwide as fans are claiming that Spotify has been filtering out the streams of BTS’ new hit track “Butter” by a large percentage.

But fans realized that many of of their streams for “Butter” had been filtered and not counted on the streaming platform, which has upset a lot of them.

With 20.9 million unfiltered global streams and 11.042 million filtered global streams on its first day, the song has officially become the most-streamed song in Spotify history.

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BTS’ Big Hit Single: Butter

It hasn’t even been a week since BTS released “Butter,” and the song has already broken the records set by their previous single, “Dynamite.” From racking up the most opening day streams in Spotify history to being the most viewed YouTube video in 24 hours, BTS and ARMY have outdone themselves.

“Butter” is BTS’ second English single; the first was “Dynamite,” released in 2020. With catchy lyrics and a tribute to ARMY, Butter has topped 101 regional iTunes charts already.

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Why are BTS fans angry at Spotify?

The release of “Butter” has created many records for BTS, but ARMY is upset at Spotify. The fans have found out that a large portion of their streams for “Butter” has been filtered and not counted on the streaming platform.

Many fans took to Twitter to show their displeasure regarding the issue, using the hashtag #InvestigateSpotify.

Some fans also posted the global Spotify filter rates charts obtained from BHF Data Analytics, showing that BTS songs had been filtered much more than other artists.

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Spotify’s response regarding BTS’ streams

While many fans expressed their anger via Twitter, one ARMY member emailed Spotify after realizing that the rate of streams for BTS’ “Butter” had not increased as much as expected. However, Spotify’s response enraged ARMY even more.

The music streaming platform stated that they couldn’t reveal how the number of streams was calculated as that would help other people find ways to manipulate it.

“Hey there! In order to avoid manipulation, we’re unable to share this info. However, we have steps in place to make sure all streams are legitimate. If you’d like to support your favorite artist, we recommend listening to the whole track. We hope this clears things up.”

In related news, BTS debuted their very first live performance for “Butter” at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards held on May 24th.

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