"I think I can die peacefully now": Stray Kids' Bang Chan reacts to Ryan Reynolds sending him a bottle of gin with his autograph

Bang Chan and Ryan Reynolds are fans of each other! (Image via Bias Wrecker and Twitter)
Bang Chan and Ryan Reynolds are fans of each other! (Image via Bias Wrecker and Twitter)

Bang Chan has long been a Ryan Reynolds fan. But it turns out the Deadpool actor is also a fanatic of the 23-year-old and his popular boy band.

The K-pop star, leader and member of the popular band, Stray Kids, recently performed a Deadpool-inspired musical act.

A clip from the performance caught Reynolds' attention and prompted a subtle reply from the 44-year-old star.


Ryan Reynolds acknowledged the Deadpool act with a tweet on May 20th, stating:

For Bang Chan, the tiny vote of approval from his favorite actor has left the K-pop star startled. The singer reacted to Reynolds' response in a live stream over the weekend and said:

"I did not expect the one, the almighty one, the one, the Ryan Reynolds, to actually see our performance. That was actually crazy. I was really lost for words."

For those not in the know, Bang Chan is an Australian singer but was born in Seoul, South Korea.

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Ryan Reynolds wants to get a real Deadpool mask for Stray Kids

The singer recalled he had admired Ryan Reynolds over many movies rather than just being a Deadpool fanatic.

"You guys know that I really, really like Ryan Reynolds, Not [just] Deadpool, but every other movie he's been in, the original Wolverine movie as well. The stuff that he does now, as well, I've been keeping up with it. I think he's an amazing person, very funny."

The young artist added:

"And yes, I would like an autograph."

And it would seem that "The Hitman's Bodyguard" star has made Ben Chan's wish come true. The 44-year-old tweeted on May 23rd, saying he has his autograph ready for the K-pop star on a bottle of Aviation Gin.

But the Canadian sensation also asked for Ben Chan's autograph in return. Readers can check out the tweet below:

The hashtag in Reynold's tweet "#NewFavoriteAustralian" is in reference to the hilarious ongoing "feud" he has with Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman, who is also an Australian.

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Reynolds' response had Bang Chan overwhelmed to learn his "role model" had acknowledged him. The K-pop singer jokingly said on the live stream:

"To be noticed by someone that you really think of [as] a role model, it just hits different, and I'm very, very happy, and I think I can die peacefully now."

Chan told Reynolds he would love to be the "The Proposal" actor's tour guide if he ever revisited South Korea.

"I will definitely buy you some delicious food, so feel free to hit me up."

The two sensations fanboying over each other on Twitter has got fans from both communities gushing over their much-anticipated interaction. Reynolds's further tweets are also fueling the growing trend surrounding them.

Ryan Reynolds hasn’t shied away from sharing his love for the South Korean entertainment industry in the past.

The star even made a guest appearance on "The Masked Singer" and won the audience over with his stunning performance.


Perhaps Bang Chan and Ryan Reynolds can collaborate for a Deadpool-inspired musical act? Fans can only hope.

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