Bang Chan from Stray Kids calls Corpse Husband's voice "cool," sends fans into a frenzy

Bang Chan recently spoke about how cool Corpse Husband's voice is
Bang Chan recently spoke about how cool Corpse Husband's voice is

In an unexpected crossover which recently took the internet by storm, popular K-pop star Bang Chan described Corpse Husband's voice as "cool."

The 23-year old member of boy band "Stray Kids" surprised fans when he mentioned internet sensation Corpse's name in a recent video, where he compared the YouTuber's voice to fellow band member Felix's:

Speaking about how low and husky Felix's voice tends to get, Bang Chan opines that his voice is probably the lowest voice he has ever heard.

However, he suddenly remembers Corpse Husband, and proceeds to speak about the same:

"Felix's voice is like the lowest voice that I've ever heard . Oh, I actually think there is a voice lower than Felix's , it's Corpse, Corpse has a really low voice, so cool as well!"

In light of this recent mention, Twitter was soon abuzz with several reactions, as two of the largest fandoms in the world rejoiced online.

Twitter reacts to Bang Chan x Corpse Husband


As it is with most K-Pop groups today, Stray Kids are known to command a large following of millions across the globe, many of whom also happen to be fans of Corpse Husband.

With Bang Chan recently acknowledging Corpse Husband, fans had a field day as they gushed over two of the biggest internet sensations in the world currently:

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

With artists such as Bang Chan listening to Corpse Husband, it serves as yet another testament to his meteoric rise, which continues to transcend new heights with each passing day.

In light of this recent crossover, fans will now be eagerly looking forward to some sort of collaboration in the future, which could either be in the form of an Among Us stream, or better still, a dream music collaboration.

Moreover, with Felix's baritone operating at almost the same wavelength as that of Corpse Husband, the internet is sure to have a meltdown if they do end up collaborating some day.

Bang Chan is one of the most popular K-Pop artists in the world, who has been making waves alongside fellow band members Lee Know, Han, I.N, Felix, Hyunjin, Seungmin and Changbin of The Stray Kids.

Ever since their inception back in 2017 during a reality show of the same name, the boy band has been on the rise with multiple tours and albums in the pipeline.

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