BTS idol Jungkook’s birthday ad in Pakistan removed for 'spreading vulgarity' by Punjab Assembly candidate

A still of BTS member Jungkook (Image via Instagram/bts.bighitofficial)
A still of BTS member Jungkook (Image via Instagram/bts.bighitofficial)

It is a practice among members of the BTS Army from across the world to celebrate the idols' birthdays in a grand manner. One of the most common methods that they use is to put up a billboard ad. From Times Square to town billboards, fans often make use of different kinds of spaces.

One such fan in Gujranwala, Pakistan, decided to put up a birthday ad for BTS member Jungkook. According to media reports, this member of the Army had reportedly gone through the proper channels to display the ad and had also acquired all the necessary permissions from local authorities.

Who removed BTS member Jungkook's birthday ad in Pakistan?

However, Punjab Assembly Candidate Furqan Aziz Butt removed the ad. He explained why and was quoted by allkpop as saying, "In this city, we have many young people and BTS is a bad influence to them. They encourage youngins (young people) to do wrong things and promote h*mos*xuality."

Fans were disappointed and many were also angry at how toxic it was to believe a man had to look a certain way. Many also complained that this was toxic masculinity on display, and the older generation's bigoted behavior caught the attention of fans globally, who commented on the incident.

The news was reported by local Korean media, including SBS, who also quoted a Pakistani fans' reaction in their report.

The poster was owned by Younus Mughal, and he was forced to remove the Billboard ad just a day after it was put up. He was shocked as the local fan club had acquired permission from the Chamber of Commerce.

According to a report in VICE, Furqan Aziz Butt removed the ad because they "received a lot of complaints from people. There was so much commotion."

Fans react to news of Billboard ad for BTS member Jungkook being removed

Many fans took to Twitter to react to the incident. From slamming "sick mullahs" to making sarcastic comments in regards to homophobic reactions.

The BTS Army also slammed the Punjab Assembly candidate for being a bigot and claimed he was homophobic. Many also questioned why h*mos*xuality was still viewed as a crime in certain communities.

Edited by Siddharth Satish