BTS' Jungkook trends worldwide as fans go crazy over singer's new hairstyle during #BTSTHEBEST online talk event

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BTS fans (or ARMY as they're known) from all over the world were pleasantly surprised after the reveal of BTS member Jungkook's new hairstyle, which was revealed at their online talk event #BTSTHEBEST, held only for their Japanese fan-club members. It aired on June 28th, 2021. BTS regularly holds fan-club meetings exclusive to those who have managed to obtain a membership.

While the event was held to showcase BTS' music from their new Japanese album "BTS, the Best'' and show new sides of the members, it seems like the aspect of the talk that most caught fans' attention was the brand new look Jungkook was sporting.

"BTS, the Best," released on June 16th 2021, is BTS' third Japanese compilation album. Upon release, it hit the top of the chart for most listened songs in Japan and is stated to have sold over 572,000 copies since then.

Jungkook's surprises BTS fans with a new look and creates a Twitter storm

Jeon Jungkook has had a very neutral hairstyle since the beginning of his career, opting for a simple black or brown bowl cut while occasionally experimenting with bolder colors or a slight change to his haircut. Considering this, it is not surprising that fans are awe-struck at the main vocalist's new hairstyle.

After Jungkook's hairstyle was revealed, BTS fans took to Twitter to shower the singer with positive reactions. ARMYs are known for their dedication to the group and their powerful grip over Twitter, managing to catapult the words "Jeon Jungkook" to #17 on the worldwide trending chart with no sweat. Here are some of the things ARMYs had to say:

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The sudden change has left many BTS fans reminiscing about Jungkook's evolution in terms of his outward appearance over the years, marveling at his overall evolution from his debut until today.

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