Did AOA member Mina steal her boyfriend from his girlfriend?

A still of AOA member Mina. (Instagram)
A still of AOA member Mina. (Instagram)

On June 25, AOA member Mina made headlines when she posted a picture with a man she later confirmed as her boyfriend. However, hours after posting the picture, the idol has been embroiled in a controversy.

Who is AOA member Mina's boyfriend?

The Instagram post shared by Mina does not identify her boyfriend. However, the post has a purple heart, and it was in the comments section that she confirmed that the man in the post was indeed her boyfriend.

Mina was having an affair with him while he was already in a relationship. It was then that his identity was released. In a statement released by the Instagram account @buffalooooo__, Mina's boyfriend stated that he was Yoo Joon-young.

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What is the cheating scandal that AOA member Mina is dragged into?

Mina was accused of stealing her boyfriend from his girlfriend by a user on Nate Pann, who claimed that she was a friend of Joon-young's alleged girlfriend.

In the accusation, this user wrote,

"I don’t know where I should begin, but the post title (“Kwon Mina’s Boyfriend Is Actually My Friend’s Boyfriend”) should be pretty self-explanatory."

She added,

"Almost 3 years into the relationship with my friend, this guy started trailing off and eventually ghosted her. Then, out of the blue, he popped up on Kwon Mina’s Instagram as her boyfriend."

The user then talked about how Joon-young slid into Mina's DMs in 2020, after which he was left on read. She had only replied in 2021. The screenshots of the chat between Mina and Joon-young indicate that she knew that he was in a relationship.

The friend went on to add that Joon-young never broke up with his girlfriend but just ghosted her. So it was allegedly shocking for the girlfriend and her friends to find him on Mina's Instagram being called her boyfriend.

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In addition to this, the friend claimed that Joon-young and his alleged girlfriend had many followers. So their relationship had reportedly always been public. She also revealed that her friend and Joon-young had been dating for close to three years.

The post also claimed that by June 24, Joon-Young had been living with her. However, on the night of June 24, it was claimed that he had left to sleep the night at his friend's place but never returned.

Later, however, Mina released a statement on Instagram. In a statement, she clarified that she did ask her non-celebrity boyfriend to sketch something for her, as stated in the post, and that she knew about his relationship status.

She then explained that they began chatting because they were compatible. Mina claimed that she said did not get romantically involved until he had broken up with his girlfriend. She added that their relationship was struggling at the time.

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Mina said,

"Why would I date someone who’s already taken? He said that he would break up with his ex-girlfriend through. I told him that I’d be interested in taking things more seriously if he does become single."

She then added,

"Anyway, I heard that my boyfriend, who no longer had feelings for his ex-girlfriend, ended things with her. So only then we started seeing each other."

Mina further added that she would continue to see her boyfriend because she trusted him and requested the person who came forward with the revelation to delete their post.

She said that the chances of her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend and her being witch-hunted were high. She asked that the friend understand the gravity of the situation entirely before posting such claims online. She also shared screenshots of conversations between herself and her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend when users online asked for proof.

It was after this that a user on Instagram claiming to be her boyfriend posted his statement online. He said that he wanted to clarify that he had broken up with his ex-girlfriend before pursuing a relationship with Mina.

He said,

"I was single when I pursued Kwon Mina, and we began dating. I messaged my ex-girlfriend on the next day following the exposé — and I tried calling her about what has happened since. But she is not responding."

He also said,

"Anyway, I would like the unverified rumors to stop circulating. I decided to speak up because it only makes sense that I confirm myself. I hope there is no more to misunderstand."

The new post claims Mina is lying

Things did not stop spiraling after the statements were released. Just hours later, another person claiming to be friends with Mina's boyfriend's ex-girlfriend came forward to support claims made in the first post.

Claims made by a netizen who says she is a friend of AOA member Mina's boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. (Instagram)
Claims made by a netizen who says she is a friend of AOA member Mina's boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. (Instagram)

The friend reiterated everything that the first accuser posted and, in addition, also said that there was no way Mina was in the dark about her boyfriend being in a relationship.

The friend explained that the boyfriend's Instagram account, which was made private after the scandal broke, featured many pictures with his ex-girlfriend. She wrote:

"He had pictures with unnie on his Instagram, and his Instagram ID was that of a couple's until a few hours ago. So there's no way they already broke up, lmao."
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