BTS member V dubbed "Sold Out King" after his outfits for 2022 season greetings sell out

A still of BTS member V (Image via bts_bighit/Instagram)
A still of BTS member V (Image via bts_bighit/Instagram)
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BTS member V's outfits from the band's 2022 season greetings have sold out already. This is not the first time either, and it has fans celebrating his influence when it comes to brand power. The outfit that V wore was so popular with fans that it sold out in all sizes.

Seasonal greetings were teased by BigHit on their official Twitter handle. The agency released two packages of 2022 seasonal greetings that could be purchased by fans.

What did V aka Taehyung wear for BTS' 2022 seasonal greetings?

The theme of the seasonal greetings was a mix of royal crowns and a rock star look. V sported a bleached distressed crewneck sweater in bleached black from a brand called R13.

In the second set of preview shots that were released by BigHit, he sported a botanical leaf short-sleeve silk shirt that sold out as soon as the promo shots were released. The outfit from AMIRI was priced at $890. While fans dubbed the star "Sold Out King", Korean media referred to him as King Vidas.

This is also not the first time the star has achieved a feat such as this. For instance, V's Grammy hoodie from FILA x BTS' Create Your Winter apparel was the first amongst the entire collection to get sold out on Fila Korea's official website.

Fans share news of V's prowess with screenshots of outfits selling out

Fans shared the many instances when V's outfits had sold out previously, such as postcards that were featured in a Japan fan club magazine.

[INFO] Taehyung’s Bleached Distressed Crewneck Sweater in Bleached Black from brand ‘R13’ in BTS’ 2022 Season’s Greetings is sold out in all sizes on two websites
Okey 😎Taehyung's worn "BLEACHED DISTRESSED CREWNECK SWEATERSTYLE " from R13 in 2022 SEASON'S GREETINGS which's costs around & $465 is now "SOLD OUT" 😚💅🐯OUR MOST IMPACTFUL KING ♥️
AnywayTaehyung's worn AmiriBotanical Leaves Short-Sleeve Silk Shirt which's cost around $890 in Bts 2022 season's greetings is now "SOLD OUT" from 6 different store after Taehyung's worn 🔥💓"shopstyle" "credomen" "farfetch" "saskfifthavenue" "Neiman Marcus" "hirshleifees"
[INFO] Taehyung’s Grammy hoodie from Fila x BTS’ latest drop “Create your winter” apparel was the First amongst the entire collection to be sold out on Fila Korea’s site
📰 #BTSV continues to prove his “sold-out king” moniker by again selling out another item he has worn, this time a luxury item from the PTD concert. V’s expensive Casablanca “Wool Monogram Bomber Jacket pink” sold out soon after V appeared wearing it.🔗
📰 #BTSV continues to prove his “out of stock fairy” moniker as more items worn by him go out of stock. Both the Sacai color-block jacket and Tom Ford floral silk pajama bottoms sold out immediately after V was seen wearing the apparel.🗞
Taehyung's worn Rowing blazer's BABAR BICYCLE SWEATER" in BTS Japan Official Fanclub Magazine/Photocards is now almost" Sold out "💅🐯💗🔥Our most impactful King, 🐯💗

However, certain aspects of the seasonal greetings preview package released by BigHit made BTS fans unhappy. For instance, fans realized that the preview package was missing Jin altogether and that Suga was added twice instead. Secondly, they also realized that the package did not include any solo shots of V. This angered fans who have asked the agency to correct the blunder as soon as possible.

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