"I'll come back looking even sharper"- BTS' Taehyung wins hearts with Weverse statement 

BTS' V could not perform standing up due to a calf injury. (image via @BTS_twt)
BTS' V could not perform standing up due to a calf injury. (image via @BTS_twt)

BTS's V, aka Kim Taehyung, won hearts once again with his heartfelt Weverse message after the band’s online concert.

On October 24, the globally popular K-pop band held their online concert 'BTS Permission To Dance On Stage'.

While ARMY was ecstatic at getting the chance of watching the 7 members give their all on stage, it wasn't to be so. Unfortunately, BTS’s V had to perform while seated due to a calf injury. The announcement of V, or Taehyung’s injury came only hours before the performance, breaking several hearts. In a surprise to no one, the injury itself was sustained while practicing for the main performance.

V, aka Taehyung, takes to Weverse after BTS concert

After the concert, V took to the fan Weverse, to “apologize”, despite not having done anything wrong. The K-pop idol posted a status, saying,

"I'll come back looking even sharper😥 I'm sorry I couldn't show you enough although you'd bought expensive tickets."

ARMY though, had BTS, and V’s back, with #GetWellSoonTae trending all over social media.

Despite the injury, V could be seen doing his best at entertaining the huge audience, unphased by the injury. It was his statement after the concert, though, that confirmed once and for all the high esteem in which BTS’ lead dancer holds their huge fan following.

During the post concert speech too,Taehyung had spoken about how sad he was about not performing.

Fans of BTS, and V were taken aback by the gesture. The star had evidently given his all at the concert, successfully showing off his moves even when restricted to the chair. For most ARMY around the world, V’s, and the rest of the band’s performance, was more than “enough”, and well worth the expensive tickets.

In response to his message, BTS fans voiced their support for V, celebrating his performance, and insisting that his presence itself was more than enough.

Several said (translated from Korean),

"You can just show up and stare for 3 hours and that'd be enough"
“Always considerate of others, Taehyung is smooth like butter... and sweeter than honey🥰💜”
“You need not so say sorry . We'll always prioritize your health and happiness. We'll always love you. You did your best our brave Tae Tae.. ❤❤

One fan summed up what everyone was feeling with this eloquent passage,

“Taehyung's performance was incredible. His stage presence and charisma 👑 came shining through, even with him having to sit for most of it. He is the ultimate professional. He loves to perform and practiced heavily for the concert so I know he was extremely disappointed when the medical team and Hybe staff did not allow him do the choreo. He NEVER disappoints his fans. We just want him to be healthy and happy. Thank you for the amazing performance Taehyung, and the VCR he directed was🔥...I'll never look at a paper clip the same way again. 😅 💜”

With BTS all set to hold their first offline concert since the onset of the pandemic next month at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, fans are praying for V to make a quick recovery. Afterall, BTS is only BTS with all 7 members present.

Edited by Danyal Arabi