BTS concert tickets sold out in presale, ARMY lashes out at Ticketmaster

With concert tickets being sold out even before public sales, BTS fans have taken to Twitter (Image via BTS)
With concert tickets being sold out even before public sales, BTS fans have taken to Twitter (Image via BTS)

There has been some bad news for BTS' ARMY. Tickets for the K-pop sensation's first live concert, post-pandemic, were marked sold out by Ticketmaster, even before going on sale.

As soon as BTS announced an upcoming concert in Los Angeles, fans around the world celebrated. American ARMY, in particular, were excited for a chance to see their favorites up close. Generally, acquiring concert tickets can be a competitive endeavor, but this time ARMY discovered that the tickets sold out before going on sale for the public.

the industry has to be in shock right now…BTS announced the concerts were happening on 9/27, presales happened a week later and now, tickets are sold out for 4 nights in a stadium with 70k capacity…absolutely insane 😅

Ticketmaster under fire for BTS tickets selling out in pre-sale

BTS is scheduled to hold its first in-person concert in the last two years. The four-day show will be held at California's SoFi Stadium on November 27, 28, and the first two days in December. Given that ARMY were looking forward to the show, the latest news has infuriated many.

A pre-sale of the tickets went live on October 7 and 8, where a select group of lucky fans could purchase Permission To Dance On Stage tickets.

Gold members of Ticketmaster gained access on October 7, while "verified fans" got access to the sale the next day. The general public was supposed to have gained access to the tickets on October 9, but things did not go as planned.

Instead of opening up to the general public, Ticketmaster announced that the tickets had already sold out. All four shows were reportedly sold out in the pre-sale itself. Thus, they said that no public sale would take place.

Due to overwhelming past purchaser & Verified Fan presale demand for BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE - LA, all shows are sold out & tickets are not available for the public onsale.

Fans around the world are understandably infuriated by this unexpected news. While BTS tickets and albums are prone to selling out quickly, the speed, in this case, made fans suspicious about Ticketmaster's policies.

The Ticketmaster news is making me so mad, I cannot even articulate my thoughts. I will just say that I hope Army won't give these resellers the thousands of dollars of profit they're expecting. Ugh, im so mad. Army and only army deserves to see BTS, not these scalpers!
Who is to blame? Ticketmaster or Sofi Stadium? They answer is both. Both companies have the ability to work to identify the scalpers and revoke their tickets but have not announced intention to do so.

Several ARMY accused Ticketmaster of having faulty systems, lax security, and an abundance of scalpers. These are non-fans who buy the tickets in bulk and sell them later at substantially higher prices. Fans of the band also reported that several codes given to them by Ticketmaster were unusable.

“Overwhelming demand” or just you guys being sneaking and selling under the table 🤨🤨🤨 TICKETMASTER ANSWER THE QUESTION
You misspelled “Due to our overwhelming desire to make a shit ton of money with no ethical remorse whatsoever decided on selling tickets to third parts and scalpers…”#Ticketmaster #btsconcertLA #btsconcerttickets #BTS #BTSCONCERT…
Hey @Ticketmaster @TMFanSupport What are you going to do with all the scalpers? Or did you actually give them written consent? Are you part of this fraud? @HYBEOFFICIALtwt @BTS_twt…

Ever since the news broke, ARMY has taken to Twitter to vent their frustrations with Ticketmaster. Some pointed out that the $60-450 tickets are now being re-sold on K-pop forums for as high as $80,000.

After spotting one concert ticket going for $36,000, some fans even decided to take matters into their own hands. Their goal was to take down the scalpers, causing this significant inflation.

yea i joined that Facebook group full of scalpers and i’m taking down names like don’t play with me and my bts cause right when ticketmaster open up the calls will be flooding

Calls to take down Ticketmaster are flooding Twitter, with ARMY upset at the unfairness of shelling out at least 3-4 times the actual amount of tickets. Some have called out the unpreparedness of SoFi Stadium and Ticketmaster, who are hosting the BTS concerts.

sorry but Ticketmaster had two years to figure out how to improve their ticketing system knowing when concerts come back the demand was gonna double. Especially BTS ticketing has always been insane and they knew, I can’t believe how messy and unprofessional it was handled…

Critical of how Ticketmaster has monopolized concert ticket sales in the US, ARMY wants an alternate, more secure ticketing platform for all artists via Weverse.

Very upset at this Ticketmaster situation and the way they have monopolized ticketing for US events. Truly wish for the day that weverse and hybe come up with a secure ticketing platform for BTS and their other artists.
at this point hybe and weverse should try make their ticketing platform a lot of scalpers gonna scam a lot of money from many armys…

Several fans have also advised other ARMY members not to buy overpriced tickets, thereby pushing scalpers into a loss.

A scalper will not go to the concert. When they don’t sell they refund them and you can purchase them directly from Ticketmaster for the regular price. DONT BUY RESALE. #BTS #btsconcertLA #PermissionToDanceOnStageLA #PermissionToDanceOnStage #ticketmaster

With tickets for the dates currently unavailable, it appears that the only way to view the band's first concert post-pandemic is via digital streaming.

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