"Cancel Joss Whedon": Avengers director faces severe backlash after Charisma Carpenter alleges abuse and harassment

Charisma Carpenter is the latest star to level allegations against Joss Whedon
Charisma Carpenter is the latest star to level allegations against Joss Whedon

American actress Charisma Carpenter has come forward with shocking allegations of abuse leveled against "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" creator, Joss Whedon.

The 50-year old actress recently took to social media to expose the director of films such as "The Avengers" and its sequel, "Age of Ultron".

Taking inspiration from "Justice League" actor Ray Fisher, she decided to finally break her silence in a heart-rending post:

Revealing that Joss Whedon abused his power on the set of shows such as "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and "Angel", Charisma Carpenter states that the experience left her with a "chronic physical condition" - the effects of which she continues to deal with till today.

She referenced Ray Fisher's accusations last summer, where the Justice League star had come out in scathing opposition to Joss Whedon's on-set treatment of cast and crew, which he described as "gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable":

Drawing inspiration from his fearless indictment, Charisma Carpenter went on to reveal shocking details of misdemeanour on the part of Joss Whedon, which ranged from body-shaming her while she was pregnant, to manipulating her beliefs in general:

"Joss has a history of being casually cruel. He has created hostile and toxic work environments since his early career. I know because I experienced it first-hand . Repeatedly. He was mean and biting , disparaging about others openly, and often played favourites , pitting people against one another to compete and vie for his attention and approval"

In light of these shocking new allegations against Joss Whedon, the online community has now begun to call for his cancelation once and for all.

Joss Whedon sparks outrage in light of recent allegations of abuse


Elaborating upon the initial tweet, she went into further details about his toxic behaviour and alleged that she had been unceremoniously fired from the show, at his behest.

Referring to him as a "vampire," Charisma Carpenter proceeded to make a powerful and scathing criticism of today's society and industry, which has a habit of villifying the victims and glorifying the abusers:

Her moving statement extends further solidarity to Ray Fisher, as she reveals that she can no longer remain silent. She hopes that her coming forward will instill the courage in several more to follow suit.

She also received support from her "Buffy" co-star, Amber Benson, who backed up Charisma's claims:

Charisma Carpenter and Ray Fisher are not the only two prominent actors to have come out with shocking details about Joss Whedon's questionable behaviour, as they were recently joined by Paul Bettany, who portrays Vision in the MCU.

He went on to allege that Joss Whedon seemed hell-bent on exposing Vision's privates in a scene in Age of Ultron, which was met with instant aversion from the cast and crew.

It was only after seeing what the idea would look like on screen, that he decided against it.

In light of these shocking new allegations leveled by Charisma Carpenter against Joss Whedon, Twitter became livid. Enraged fans vented their thoughts on the same:

In light of these recent allegations, several members of the online community have come out in support of the duo of Charisma Carpenter and Ray Fisher, with the hashtags #IStandWithRayFisher and #IStandWithCharismaCarpenter trending worldwide.

With Joss Whedon yet to issue an official statement in response, dissent continues to mount online, with his history of multiple offenses invoking the ire of the internet to a great extent.

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