Celebrity Jeopardy! season 1 finale release date and air time on ABC

Celebrity Jeopardy season finale set to air on Thursday on ABC
Celebrity Jeopardy! season finale set to air on Thursday on ABC (Image via ABC/@Tyler Golden)

Celebrity Jeopardy! season 1 will return for its finale episode this week. In the upcoming episode, three celebrities who participated in and won the Quarterfinals and Semifinals will return to the stage once again to win the ultimate prize for a charity of their choice.

Set to compete in the upcoming episode of the ABC show are Ike Barinholtz, Wil Wheaton, and Patton Oswalt, and the charities they’re playing for include Pacific Clinics, the National Women’s Law Center, and Alice’s Kids respectively.

Tune in on Thursday, February 2, at 8 pm ET on ABC to watch the season finale.

The upcoming episode of Celebrity Jeopardy! will see contestants engage in fun banter

In the upcoming episode of Celebrity Jeopardy!, three celebrities return to the stage to fight for the champion's spot and win the ultimate prize of $1 million. In a promo uploaded to social media, host Mayim Bialik and the contestants are seen talking about their clothing in an attempt to playfully trash-talk each other.

Mayim tells the celebrities that they all look very handsome and acknowledges that Patton is wearing a three-piece suit for the finale episode, adding that he had indeed dressed for the part. In an attempt to tease his fellow contenders, Patton responds by saying:

"Well, some of us actually respect this game and take it kind of seriously and you know, actually have a real love for it and don’t treat this like it’s a bus trip."

Meanwhile, Ike Barinholtz points out that some of them have gained a “couple of pounds" during Thanksgiving, and their blazers don’t fit. He added that they were forced to wear a sweater and a shirt while their wife assured them that they "look great." Wil Wheaton, on the other hand, said:

"Some of us put on a suit and a tie for every game we’ve played because we respect Jeopardy!"

Patton points out that he’s wearing jeans behind the podium, and Mayim tells the Celebrity Jeopardy contestants that she did not expect this “to go in that direction.”

Get to know the charities

In the upcoming episode of Celebrity Jeopardy, Ike Barinholtz will be playing for Pacific Clinics, California’s biggest “community-based” nonprofit provider that provides aid for mental health services. Their team consists of over 2000 employees who speak over 22 languages. The nonprofit has evolved over a span of 150 years, starting in 1867 as Eastfield Home of Benevolence, an orphanage.

Wil Wheaton is competing in Celebrity Jeopardy to win money for the National Women’s Law Center, which fights for “gender justice.” It aims to bring changes in court, policies, as well as in society in general. The center was founded in 1972 with four main demands--better pay for women, more women staff attorneys, work on women’s rights, and no serving coffee.

Meanwhile, Patton Oswalt is set to play for Alice’s Kids. The nonprofit is comparatively new and was established in 2010. In the first two years, they spent $10,000 on children, and in 2019, they provided $159,311 “in direct assistance to over 2,000 children.” The website states:

"Every day, a child goes to school without a winter coat, wearing sneakers with holes in them or carrying school supplies in a paper bag because they can’t afford a backpack. Another child cannot see properly because their glasses are broken."

Tune in on Thursday, February 2, at 8 pm ET on ABC to watch the season finale of Celebrity Jeopardy.

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