Chris Tyson from MrBeast crew under fire after problematic tweets surface online

Chris Tyson has been a long time friend and member of the MrBeast crew (image via Newsweek)
Chris Tyson has been a long time friend and member of the MrBeast crew (image via Newsweek)

MrBeast crew member Chris Tyson has been under fire recently for controversial tweets he has made in the past. Islamophobic, racist, transphobic, and ableist tweets were uncovered from Tyson's Twitter history, and people are demanding an apology.

As a member of the MrBeast crew, Tyson's public image is one of goodwill and positivity as he is spotted giving away cars and homes to people in need. But fans were recently shocked to find Tyson's old tweets painting a less than flattering picture of him.

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Chris Tyson from the MrBeast crew comes under fire for controversial tweets

Twitter users collected a slew of evidence showing Islamophobic, racist, transphobic, and ableist tweets from the internet personality and posted screenshots on social media calling Tyson out.

He was quick to delete all the posts mentioned as they gained the spotlight.

Tyson even went on a rant against Islam with a series of now-deleted tweets posted in 2017 following the explosion at the Ariana Grande concert:

"Between what happened at the Ariana, Grande concert and what's going on in the Philippines, why the fuck do we even take Islam serious? It's an old ass backwards religion that hates anything different and treats women like shit. Why the fuck do people still accept it"

Fans are appalled and shocked to see that a MrBeast crew member who has given so much to bettering human lives harbors such repulsive opinions. They called for a public apology from Tyson.

Tyson has yet to make a statement or apology regarding the backlash from his comments.

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