Citadel season 1 episode 3 recap: Breathtaking twist to elevate the plot

A still from Citadel (Image via Amazon)
A still from Citadel (Image via Amazon)

A week back, Citadel made headlines with its double-episode premiere, something that was widely anticipated by fans. Of course, the beginning was not exceptional as it dragged in almost all the known tropes of the genre. The show, however, certainly showed promise, especially with a strong cast led by Richard Madden (who plays Mason Kane) and Priyanka Chopra Jonas (who stars as Nadia Sinh).

The follow-up to the pilot episodes recently premiered on Friday, May 5. Citadel episode 3 started off on a sweet ground after the first episode introduced the elaborate plot of mind-wiped agents and Illuminati-like organizations pulling the strings around our very real world.

It was clear that things were only going to get more muddled and more layered with secrets and twists after the first couple of episodes, and that is exactly what happened.

While not everything is perfect in Citadel episode 3, which saw the creators underuse the star power present in the ranks to a great degree, the brave episode managed to pull off some shocks and absolutely aced the ending with a great twist.

Citadel episode 3 is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Citadel episode 3 ends on a far stronger note than its predecessors

This episode kicks off in Caceres, Spain, where Nadia drives Mason to a safe house after the fight in the previous episode. Of course, the conversation is soon steered to the latter's past, which Nadia remembers, but he does not. She also realizes that he has carved out a life for himself in the past years, having married and started a family.

Nadia carefully steers clear of Mason and her past, which does not come as a big surprise. She does tell him, however, that they had a romantic history without disclosing anything else.

The episode soon jumps back in time to depict the first meeting of Nadia and Mason as younger agents. Of course, it involves a rescue mission and an initial rivalry between the two, another cliche of this genre.

Meanwhile, in the present day, Bernard (Stanley Tucci) is tortured by Dahlia (Lesley Manville) and her people. Dahlia has Citadel’s AI system but fails to open it without a long password, which Bernard refuses to hand out. After a fair bit of torture, Anders (Rolan Moller) comes in himself to do the worst he can with Bernard.

But before Anders can do anything, Bernard reasons with him and tells him a terrifying secret. He reveals that the former's wife, who was presumed to be dead, is not actually dead. He proposes that he will take Anders to his wife in exchange for his life.

On the other end, Nadia urges Mason to go back home, but the latter asks her to train him, reasoning that his family will never be safe because of his past. Following this, in Morocco, Mason meets with a Portuguese crime boss, who plants doubt about Nadia in Mason's head. This leads him to question Nadia, who denies the claims.

The final sequence of Citadel episode 3 jumps back to Bernard, who uses his phone to prove to Anders that his wife is alive. In a huge twist, it is revealed that Anders' wife is Abby Conroy, Mason’s current wife. Abby was another agent to have their memories wiped. The episode concludes with Bernard promising to take Anders to Abby.

Citadel is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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