4 things we learned from Courteney Cox's Hot Ones interview

Courteney Cox in a crime scene from Scream 2022 (Image via IMDb)
Courteney Cox in a crime scene from Scream 2022 (Image via IMDb)

Courteney Cox is one of those celebrities who does not need to be introduced to sitcom lovers and movie buffs from across the globe. She played the iconic role of Monica Geller on fan-favorite TV show Friends.

Apart from this, Courteney has also featured in several TV shows and movies. Her performances in the latter, especially the Scream franchise, are noteworthy and commendable.

As of late, she has featured in an episode from a popular YouTube show called Hot Ones, where she had a pretty interesting conversation with host Sean Evans. Here are the takeaways from her show.

Things we found out about Courteney Cox from Hot Ones interview

1) Courteney is not fond of spicy food


Courteney Cox's kitchen adventures are no secret, as the actress has been open about it. Although she has a thing for salt, she is not fond of spicy food.

At the start of the show, she was more or less comfortable trying out the chicken wings, which she was having after a long time. However, as the show rolled, the 57-year-old started having swollen lips as she consumed more wings accompanied by hotter and spicier sauces.

2) She is well-versed with the recipe of the Alabama Sushi Roll

Cox is known for her experience in making a wide range of food items. Host Sean Evans asked her if she could run him through the recipe of the Alabama Sushi Roll, and she was all game.

The star explained the entire preparation in less than a minute.

3) Dinner with Michael Jordan

Not everyone has the chance to go out for dinner with Michael Jordan, but Courteney had it. During the Hot Ones interview, host Sean Evans pulled a picture from her younger days where she had dinner with the basketball icon.

Cox said she had a great time at the dinner table and was impressed with Jordan's overall presence. She also concluded the segment by mentioning that she is a big-time Chicago Bulls fan.

4) Courteney's take on Shining Vale


Courteney just had a comedy-horror show come out called Shining Vale where she played the main character, Patricia "Pat" Phelps. The show is currently streaming on STARZ and has bagged 6.5/10 rating from IMDb. Courteney Cox stated that the show is funny and scary at the same time.

Courteney Cox is currently the owner of a production company called Coquette Productions. She also recently launched her own home beauty brand called Homecourt.

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