'Friends': 5 ways the show taught all about friendship

Friends promotional poster (Image via Sportskeeda)
Friends promotional poster (Image via Sportskeeda)

One of the main reasons for the popularity of Friends is the idealistic premise of the show. Five friends living together in New York City, sharing lives, relationships, and frankly everything in general, is an element of desire. The show held up for its audience an image of that, allowing them to live that life through the characters.

More than anything, Friends has taught us the importance of friendships in our lives. The show is replete with situations that teach us what it is to be a good friend and what it means to have a good friend.

Note: This article reflects the writer's opinion and contains some spoilers.

5 ways 'Friends' taught us about friendships

1) A good friend is always there

Chandler taught us what it means to be a friend. It does not always entail giving the right advice. Sometimes it is just about being there for a person and making the situation better.

Chandler was always making everyone laugh with his sarcasm, which would lighten the situation. One of his most famous scenes is with Rachel, where he tells her that he doesn't know about advice, but could make a sarcastic comment to make her laugh.

2) A good friend is supportive

A good friend is always supportive no matter how 'weird' one can be. This was exemplified in Friends through Phoebe and her relationship with the other five.

Phoebe was the weird one who was always doing whatever she liked, without a care in the world about what anyone else might think. All her friends were supportive of this and rarely shamed her for her antics.

3) A good friend listens

One of the best qualities to find in a friend is the ability to listen and remember things. When Phoebe told her friends about how she never had a bike while growing up and would always envy her neighbor who had a pink bike with tassels, Ross surprised her with one. He got her the exact same bike to fulfill her childhood wish.

4) Friends are approving of good relationships

Friends are always on the lookout for their friends' happiness. They are the first people to approve or disapprove of partners and relationships. This was always prioritized in Friends.

In fact, this is where the lobster reference comes up. When Ross and Rachel decide to give their relationship another try, Phoebe exclaims that they were each others' lobsters. Lobsters are known to mate for life, so when a relationship is deemed as 'forever' the phrase is used.

5) Frinds are there through tough times

Good friends can always be counted on to be there during tough times. Throughout the ten seasons, viewers see the six friends always being there for each other, be it through a heartbreak or a family crisis, or whatever else.

What are your favorite moments of friendship from Friends?

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