'Friends': 5 times Rachel Green was a good friend

Sill from Friends (Image via Sportskeeda)
Sill from Friends (Image via Sportskeeda)

Though Rachel in Friends is at times not the greatest friend, she has proved herself on many instances to be a fantastic companion.

Be it supporting Ross, even with their dating history, or helping Monica who was her childhood best friend, Rachel has been a good friend in Friends. Here are five instances where Rachel demonstrated her compassion.

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5 Times Rachel was a good friend in 'Friends'

1) Supports Ross

Despite the history between the two, Rachel was a good friend to Ross even when they were not together. She helped Ross out in times of need without bearing ill-will towards him and even helped set him up on dates and encouraged his other relationships too.

2) The best maid-of-honor

Rachel and Phoebe engaged in a brief fight over who would get to be Monica's maid-of-honor. After a series of trials and tests carried out by Joey and Ross, Phoebe is decided the winner.

However, she gave her place to Rachel when she realized what it meant to her. Rachel really shone through as Monica's maid-of-honor. She saved up trinkets and Monica's favorite poetry book and many other childhood memories, which proved what a thoughtful friend she was to Monica.

3) Farewells

Before leaving for Paris, Rachel personalized goodbye messages for all the friends. She and Monica exchanged heartfelt goodbye messages befitting two best friends and she was absolutely adorable with Chandler and Joey as she bid farewell to them.

She even put up with Phoebe offering her some saliva for "cloning" purposes. Though she ignored Ross, it became clear later that it was because she loved him and couldn't bear it.

4) Helps Joey

When Joey gets his hands on a boat, Rachel teaches him all about sailing. But Joey, being the way he is, forgets the lessons and screws up. After reprimanding him and correcting him for a while, Rachel realizes that maybe she didn't handle their lessons well and apologizes for her behavior.

5) Supports Monica

Rachel is a supportive friend and goes to Monica's grandma's funeral because she wants to be there for Monica during her tough times. Rachel's commitment to her best friend during her times of need prove how seriously she took her friendships.

Rachel can be really mean at times, but she always came through as a good friend when it mattered most.

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