Dancing Queens cast list: Meet the 6 ballroom dancers

Meet the cast of Dancing Queens
Meet the cast of Dancing Queens (Image via Instagram/@colettio2)

Dancing Queens, Bravo’s upcoming docuseries is set to air this week. The upcoming show will feature amateur dancers as they compete in the Pro-Am along side professional dancers to make their hobbies, passions, and dreams come true.

Bravo’s press release states:

"From stay-at-home moms to business owners and a finance exec, these women put their lives aside and negotiate time away from their families when it comes to dance.

It continues:

In the ballroom, they maintain their composure, but behind the scenes, the women are willing to sabotage their frenemies in the name of competition, even going as far as poaching pro-partners for a chance to win. These dancers share an obsession with winning, no matter the cost."

Tune in on Tuesday, May 9, at 9 pm ET to watch the season premiere of Dancing Queens on Bravo.

Collette Maratto, Donie Burch, Gaelle Benchetrit and more set to star in Dancing Queens


Dancing Queens, Bravo’s upcoming docuseries will follow the lives of six amateur dancers as they put everything second in their lives in order to compete professionally in the Pro-Am and dance their hearts out.

The press release states:

"Pro-Am combines amateur dancers competing with professional partners. These highly skilled amateur dancers spend tens of thousands of dollars on their hair, makeup and outfits, plus the expenses for their professional partners to practice, travel and compete."

Colette Marotto

Colette Marotto, a businesswoman and single mother from Scottsdale, Arizona is set to appear on the Bravo show. The upcoming cast member has a stressful life managing her home life and business. She has a son with special needs, and dancing allows her to focus solely on herself.

Donie Burch

Donie from New York has been dancing all her life and previously studied dance performance in college. However, not being the typical body of a traditional Latin dancer makes her believe that she’s at a disadvantage.

Gaelle Benchetrit

The New York-based dancer is no stranger to the dance floor and used to compete professionally until she had to take a break due to her pregnancy. Dancing Queen’s press release states about her:

"Now back on the dance floor, she's eager to prove that she's better than ever. Sparing no expense, her partner, Nino Langella, is one of the top professional dancers in the world and the envy of the other women."

Leonie Biggs

Leonie is a perfectionist from Haworth, New Jersey and doesn’t like taking on anything unless she knows that she can be the best at it. She has a “high-powered” career in finance and is a mother and wife. While she’s competing with a new partner while on the Bravo show, her competitive nature makes her feel that she can beat the other women.

Pooja Mehta

The Scottsdale native describes herself as a rebel and comes from a family of doctors. The makeup artist and business owner is a wife and a mother of two. For Pooja, dancing is a family affair as she, her mother, and her sister all dance with Colette’s ex partner, Kristijan Burazer.

Sabrina Strasser

A single mother from Toronto, Sabrina finds it tough to strike a balance between her family life and dancing. Dancing Queens press release reads about the cast member:

"In a contentious on-again, off-again relationship with her pro dancer, Stanislav Kochergin, the two are back together and Sabrina is ready to claim the top prize."

Tune in on Tuesday, May 9, at 9 pm ET to watch the season premiere of Dancing Queens on Bravo.

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