Dated and Related: Alara has her eyes on Kieran and she's not afraid to step on toes

Alara (Image via Instagram/@alarataneri)
Alara (Image via Instagram/@alarataneri)

Netflix's Dated and Related has arrived with its drama and confrontations. The newly released reality TV series has been described as the "most awkward dating show ever." Just a few episodes in, drama has already erupted as newcomer Alara has her eyes set on Kieran. Alara isn't shying away from making a move on Kieran despite knowing that he's with Nina.

Alara and her brother Ceylan, hailing from Cyprus, entered the villa after Week One's elimination. From the get-go, Alara was swept away by Kieran's looks, wit and charm.

During her confessional, Alara shared that if she wants something, she was going to go for it, even if that meant stepping on someone's toes. Kieran, on the other hand was enjoying the attention from Alara. During his confessional, he shared that Alara had the same personality like he did. But since he was with Nina he didn't want to go ahead and bond with Alara.

The Dated and Related star didn't shy away from keeping Alara at bay. He continued to encourage her flirting, which left Nina upset and wondering if he could be trusted. By the end of the fourth episode, things had already taken a massive turn that many didn't expect.

Alara is coming for Nina's man on Netflix's Dated and Related

Later that night, the host of Dated and Related, Mellinda, set up a game of passing the parcel for the singletons. Whoever had the box when the music stopped had to complete the task mentioned in the parcel. When the parcel landed with Alara, she was challenged to kiss the person who she'd like to pursue. Not shying away, she got up from her seat and planted a kiss on Kieran's cheek.

This made Nina furious. However things cooled down when the parcel landed with Kieran. He was challenged to kiss the person he liked, and he decided to share a kiss with Nina. Although Alara was bothered by it, she didn't show it.

Alara shared that Kieran was completely loyal to Nina and that made her want him more. The Dated and Related star was completely smitten with Kieran, although he was off-limits. The next day, Alara asked Nina how the kiss with Kieran felt, and Nina was snarky with her reply. However, Kieran shared that the kiss felt good. Alara quipped and shared that she would do it better.

Kieran knew there was tension between the two women. During his confessional, he shared,

"There’s a little bit of tension and there’s a little bit of fury in the air between the two of them right now. Listen I’m not going to lie, Alara has absolutely spiced up the whole villa. I ain’t gonna try and attract it, you know what I mean. I’m not going to shut it down either."

All in all, it seems like Alara is not going to back down till she gets her hands on Kieran. It seems like Nina is not going to give up anytime soon either.

Dated and Related is now available to watch only on Netflix.

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