Dated and Related Season 1 winner: Which couple walked away with $100,000? Finale result and more

Kaz, Diana, Nina (Image via Netflix & Instagram/ @kazbishop_ ninaxdiana)
Kaz, Diana, Nina (Image via Netflix & Instagram/ @kazbishop_ ninaxdiana)

Dated and Related recently premiered on Netflix and the 10-episode season is now available to binge-watch. The newly released reality TV dating series features a bunch of siblings gathered together in the South of France. They have gathered to help each other find love by being the best wingman/wingwoman.

Also, by now it's quite obvious that there's no reality TV without drama and confrontation, and viewers can expect entertainment to erupt within a few episodes. Now if you're someone who has already binge-watched the series, or are curious to see which Dated and Related couple walked away with the whooping $100,000, read on to find out more.

Kaz and Diana walked away with the $100,000 after winning the most votes in Dated and Related

In episode 1 of Dated and Related, host Mellinda revealed that $100,000 was at stake at the end of the series. However, she brought in a new twist in episode 7.

The Dated and Related host revealed that the best sibling pair wouldn't be the ones walking away with the money. Instead, the best couple would stand a chance of winning the money. While some couples were already exclusive by then, the remaining singletons decided it was time to buck up and get serious.

Ultimately, only three couples entered the final race to win the cash prize. They were:

  1. Daniel and Nina
  2. Diana and Kaz
  3. Kieran and Alara

In the final episode, Mellinda gathered the couples around to determine the winner. But the decision wasn't left in her hands. The decision on who would win the $100,000 would be determined by the returning siblings. The couple who received the most votes would emerge as the winners.

The final votes are mentioned below:

  • Andy voted for Kieran and Alara.
  • Rachel voted for Kaz and Diana.
  • Julia voted for Daniel and Nina.
  • Ceylan voted for Kieran and Alara.
  • Will voted for Daniel and Nina.
  • Corrina voted for Kaz and Diana.
  • Henry voted for Kaz and Diana.
  • Joey voted for Kaz and Diana.

Leading by four votes, Kaz and Diana were the couple who won the $100,000. Sticking together right from episode 1, Kaz and Diania didn't let anything rock their relationship. They both proved their loyalty to each other by being upfront with the other singletons.

Kaz and Diana were a strong couple since Episode 1

It was a well-deserved win for Kaz and Diana because they had been a strong couple from the start of Dated and Related. Although the couple faced an obstacle in their relationship when Corrina asked Kaz out on a double date, Kaz soon made up for it by expressing his feelings to Diana. He assured her that he had eyes only for her and no one else.

In episode 8, Kaz also set up something special for Diana with the help of his brother, Kieran. Kaz held up two cards that read “I love you…” and “Will you be my girlfriend?” Diana expressed her love for the Bishop brother and agreed to be his girlfriend.

Dated and Related is now available to watch only on Netflix.

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