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David Dobrik's Vlog squad member Durte Dom allegedly accused of keeping 'Sexual consent' forms at his apartment

Durte Dom has been under fire for sexual assault allegations recently (image via YT wiki)
Durte Dom has been under fire for sexual assault allegations recently (image via YT wiki)
Aryan Mehta
Modified 26 Mar 2021

Vlog squad member and longtime friend of David Dobrik, Durte Dom, has recently been on the receiving end of multiple sexual assault allegations. The comedian is known for his over-the-top and "pushing the edge" brand of comedy that had intrinsic shock value. Durte Dom seems to have taken that too far, with multiple victims alleging coercion, manipulation and violations against him. In a recent revelation, the sketchy behavior was backed up by claims that Durte Dom made women sign legally binding sexual consent forms before shoots.

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Durte Dom accused of coercing women into signing sexual consent forms

A Twitter user has dug up an old screengrab of Durte Dom's Snap story where the "sexual consent forms" were displayed. Unsure if the document was used as a prop for a skit, the user took to Twitter asking if the form was legitimate. Another woman who featured in a shoot came forward to say that she had signed one herself before a shoot with further details of what transpired after that:

"I signed one of these for a shoot separate from that person. No joke had me sign before the shoot and then assaulted me. I feel like it was them getting my consent for anything they wanted and like here's your signature"

Durte Dom was earlier accused of sexual assault by women who claimed they were coerced into a threesome with him and then later had their footage used for a vlog that went public for millions to see.


Since the allegations began pouring in, Durte Dom has maintained an eerie silence while other vlog squad members have been issuing multiple statements and apologies.

Durte Dom's radio silence has angered many fans due to the lack of accountability being shown by the star. The situation is still developing as more victims come forward with fresh allegations.

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Published 26 Mar 2021, 19:16 IST
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