'DCEU is dead' trend takes over Twitter as The Flash rumor leaves fans livid 

Zack Snyder's Justice League poster (Image via Warner Bros./Warner Media)
Zack Snyder's Justice League poster (Image via Warner Bros./Warner Media)

On January 1, the DCEU received much flak after a rumor regarding the upcoming Flash movie made rounds on the internet. A Twitter account called 'MyTimeToShineHello,' claimed that the upcoming film featuring Ezra Miller's Flash and Michael Keaton's Batman would act as a soft reboot for the DCEU.

In the tweet, MyTimeToShineHello alleged that Andy Muschietti's The Flash movie would erase the 'Snyderverse' movies from the main continuity. This new development came after rumors stated that Keaton had replaced Ben Affleck as the DCEU Batman. Last month, Keaton's casting in the upcoming DC X HBO Max Batgirl project was confirmed.

I don't usually tweet about DC stuff but I habe a friend who have seen The Flash and the movie will erase every movie Snyder has done. Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Justice League never happened now. Erased from continuity. Affleck and Cavill are both gone

Renowned movie industry journalist Grace Randolph also corroborated the claims of The Flash resetting the DCEU timeline. She tweeted her own scoop, claiming that Sasha Calle's Supergirl will replace Henry Cavill's Superman. Meanwhile, Ben Affleck's Batman will be replaced by Keaton's version, who would then select Leslie Grace's Batgirl.

As I’ve told u, w/ update:#TheFlash Batfleck’s final appearance. Old footage of Cavill used on TV.New Justice League formed.Supergirl is new Superman.Keaton working w/ Black Canary, picks Batgirl as new Batman. This is new DC, let’s be open minded & give it a fair shot.

DC fans react to The Flash movie erasing Snyderverse's continuity in the DCEU timeline

Within two weeks of learning that Ben Affleck is likely to leave his role as Batman in the DCEU, DC fans face yet another unpleasant news about Zack Snyder's DCEU films being removed from the continuity of their future interconnected movies.

To no one's surprise, the rumors created an uproar amongst the fans who went on social media to express their scorn against Warner Bros. Legions of Zack Snyder's fans targeted their tweets at the studio and DC, voicing their displeasure. Multiple tweets also included the hashtag "DCEU is Dead," which caused rumors to trend on the platform.

@MyTimeToShineH Marvel: here’s all 3 Spiderman you love... DC: bye bye Superman
WB at The Flash premiere, wondering where are the fans :#RestoreTheSnyderVerse
The CW is gonna have a better justice league than DCEU 😭😭😭
The DCEU really ruined DC’s reputation
The Flash movie everyone wanted
I’m going to miss Henry Cavill as Superman.❤️😔
The Batman being set in its own universe while the DCEU is in shambles.
The worst thing about The Flash movie rumor with Supergirl becoming the new Superman and Batgirl becoming the new Batman is that it just reduces them to being genderbent characters. They are their own characters in their own right, and this just makes it seem like they are less.
Ngl I’m not even gonna pirate The Flash.
So glad The Batman ain’t part of the dceu
This is my Superman. I don’t care what the DCEU do, they will not change the fact Henry Cavill is Superman. @Discovery bring him back. #RestoreTheSnyderverse

What is the likelihood of the DCEU being reset with The Flash (2022)?

First look #michaelkeaton on #TheFlashThis is his car, not Affleck’s, and I hear this is from the end of the movie and he’s now permanently in the #DCEUVideo tomorrow with full breakdown of all these set pics!

Long before Michael Keaton was announced to be in The Flash movie, rumors about the plot suggested a potential storyline with the Flashpoint event from the comics. Since then, the teaser footage has more or less confirmed that the upcoming DCEU film will adapt the iconic event.

In the comics, DC used the Flashpoint event to reboot some of their characters and their origins in the "New 52" series. So Warner Brothers might use the event to reset the 'Snyderverse' movies, which has been causing much controversy for the studio.

Ben Affleck- I think I am done as BatmanZack Snyder- Hey Ben...Ben Affleck- Im Batman. Tell me how many films we gotta do?

Furthermore, Ben Affleck, who portrayed Bruce Wayne in the previous movies, recently insinuated that he would not continue his role as the Caped Crusader. While speaking to The Playlist about the criticism over his last film, The Last Duel, Affleck said,

"...I don't want to do IP movies where you have this sort of built-in audience."

Affleck's decision over his role as Batman in the DCEU is likely the reason why Keaton's version and Leslie Grace's Batgirl are being rumored to take his place. This would make Affleck's appearance in The Flash (2022), probably his last one in the DCEU.

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