Did Christine Quinn quit Selling Sunset? Heather Rae Young's bridal shower photos spark co-star's exit buzz

Christine Quinn (Image via online)
Christine Quinn (Image via online)

Selling Sunset star, Christine Quinn had already caused a buzz by telling Vogue she wanted out of the show that made her famous.

She was controversially quoted telling the publication that "a spin-off show would be a great idea" and that she was "so tired of sharing screen time with those five other bi***es".

In her Vogue interview, she proclaimed that she was "done" and needed her "own show already”. Now, photos of co-star Heather Rae Young's bridal shower photos have sparked the buzz of her departure.

What led to Christine Quinn's possible departure?

Selling Sunset has revolved around the professional and private lives of the agents of the high-end brokerage firm Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles, California.

Since much is at stake for the agents, the relationship between the agents has been one of the focus points of the Selling Sunset franchise. In this regard, it has led to the possible departure of Christine Quinn from the show.

Christine Quinn's experience of Selling Sunset

Christine has always been open about sharing her experiences on Selling Sunset. She spoke with Dear Media about the favoritism she sees as being clear throughout the leadership in the firm.

She told interviewer Amanda Hirsch that Brett Oppenheim's departure from the show was one of the original reasons why she wanted to leave the show. Being that he is the brother of founder Jason Oppenheim and former senior vice president of The Oppenheim Group did not help.

Christine was always open about the conflict of interest caused by Mary Fitzgerald's and Jason's relationship. “I mean, Mary gets every single listing,” she said during the podcast, “and Jason just doesn't want to do work."

She continues:

"So he just gives it to her. And it's just so frustrating. He doesn't give it to anyone else. So we're all just, like, sick of it...And we're all like, would you ever leave? Totally, like if this continues, if this favoritism continues we'd absolutely."

The future For Christine Quinn on Selling Sunset

Now with Christine missing from Heather Rae Young's birthday celebration, it looks like she has officially left the show. With no cast member speaking in her absence, fans are only left to speculate.

While Christine has recently received attention for blocking most of the Selling Sunset women on social media, speculation has also risen over this being an upcoming Selling Sunset storyline.

We will wait for Christine Quinn to make an appearance on the next season of Selling Sunset.

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