Roger Staubach Net Worth

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NameRoger Thomas Staubach
Net WorthApproximately $600 Million
Age81 years (born 5 Feb 1945)
ResidenceCincinnati, Ohio
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseMarianne Staubach
Source of WealthFormer, Professional American football player. Investor
Salary$160,000 in 1979
PhilanthropyRoger Staubach Foundation, Children's Cancer Fund, Genesis Women's Shelter

Roger Staubach is a legendary name in the world of football. Nicknamed 'Captain America' or 'Captain Comeback', Roger Staubach is a Dallas Cowboys hero. He played the entire 11 years of his career for the same franchise between 1969 and 1979. He led the Cowboys to the Super Bowl five times, winning two of the same in the process. He was also declared the MVP of Super Bowl VI. Staubach led the league in passer ratings four times during his career.

Spirit of the Dream Gala

A six time Pro Bowler in his playing career and the recipient of the NFL Man of the Year award in 1978, Roger Staubach is currently the executive chairman of the investment management company Jones Long LaSalle and has an estimated net worth of $600 million.

What is Roger Staubach's Net Worth in 2023?

Roger Staubach is a veteran both for his nation and also in the world of football. The famous Cowboys quarterback was one of the highest earning players of his time in the NFL with his last recorded salary being a heft sum of $160,000 (in 1979). After his retirement from football, Roger Staubach established himself as an investment mogul and added immensely to his net worth. As of 2023, Roger Staubach has a massive net worth of $600 million.

What is Roger Staubach's Salary?

The NFL wasn't a multi-billion dollar league back during the time when Roger Staubach played actively. His salary during his first year as a Cowboy was $25,000. This sum rose to $95,000 midway through his career in 1976. Staubach's highest salary as an NFL player was in the final year of his playing career in 1979 where he earned $160,000 in salaries.

Roger Staubach Investments

Unlike what most other players would do, Staubach didn't wait until he hung up his boots to start working on ventures besides his football career. He would work as a real estate broker during the offseason in the '70s and finally set up the Staubach Company in 1977.

Staubach put in years of hard work and grew the company's clientele throughout the rest of the 20th century and then in the early 2000s as well. In order to expand his services overseas, Staubach partnered with the Chicago-based real estate firm Jones Long LaSalle which bought the Staubach Co. in 2008 for a sum of $640 million which was paid out over multiple years.

Staubach has also co-owned Hall of Fame Racing, a NASCAR Cup Series team, with former teammate Troy Aikman in the past.

Roger Staubach Charity Work

Staubach set up the Roger Staubach Foundation which he has mostly funded privately using his own money. The foundation has made considerable donations to the Children's Cancer Fund and Genesis Women's Shelter.

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How many Super Bowl rings does Roger Staubach have?

Roger Staubach has two Super Bowl rings. Out of his five appearances in the Super Bowl with the Dallas Cowboys he won Super Bowl VI and Super Bowl XII.

When did Roger Staubach reitre?

Roger Staubach played his last season in the NFL in 1979, retiring as a Cowboys player.

How many times has Roger Staubach won the Super MVP award?

Roger Staubach won his only Super Bowl MVP award in Super Bowl VI when the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Miami Dolphins.

Who is Roger Staubach's wife?

Roger Staubach has been married to his wife Marianne Staubach since 1965. They have five children together.

How much is Roger Staubach worth?

Roger Staubach has an immense net worth of $600 million. He not only earned as an NFL player, but also established himself as an investment mogul.