Dior 4.4 pound gold coin: Sotheby’s auction details and more

Sotheby will auction the 4.4-pound Dior gold coin in March (Image via Monnaie de Paris)
Sotheby will auction the 4.4-pound Dior gold coin in March (Image via Monnaie de Paris)

Monnaie de Paris has joined forces with Dior and Sotheby to auction Dior’s 4.4-pound gold coin. The exclusive artifact is crafted by Monnaie de Paris in connection with Dior.

The gold coin is a reflection of Dior’s history and rich legacy. Following this, the alliance pays homage to one of the oldest French fashion institutions alongside the beautiful bottle of the earliest fragrances created by Christian Dior.

All about Dior gold coin auction

With the pre-sale value ranging between $2,28,000 and $3,43,000, the bidding process for the gold coin will take place on March 2.

The 4.4-pound gold coin is a tribute to the house of Dior. Monnaie de Paris has created such a heavy-weight coin made of all gold for the first time.

Joaquin Jimenez, General Engraver of the Paris Mint, is the brain behind the exceptional perfume-shaped coin. The designer immersed himself in the history of Dior and its countless achievements, which included the Miss Dior fragrance.

The exclusive artifact epitomizes the combination of minting and casting.

Made in 2021, the design has incorporated iconic Dior symbols, such as a star, half-bow, houndstooth checking, and a bouquet of roses.

The front side has an intricately crafted bunch of roses and a giant bow around the neckline of the bottle, both of which are highlighted in pink gold. The coin will be showcased in a uniquely constructed box.

Apart from the front, the reverse side is equally appealing and detailed. The bow knot that starts from the front runs towards the back of the bottle along the neck. A finely chiseled houndstooth motif is treated as a background of the metal on both sides.

As per the information available, part of the auction’s proceeds will be forwarded to the association Fleurs d’Exception de Pays de Grasse, which works to protect, promote, and bring the southern French city’s crops of flowers to their full potential.

As reported by WWD, while explaining the auction, Sotheby’s stated:

“It supports young farmers, fosters the transmission of traditional expertise, advocates for local heritage, and works to safeguard the environment and biodiversity.”

The sale will be a component of the auction house’s first Luxury Week of 2022, known popularly as Re(LUX).

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