Dior x Technogym: How to buy, price, and all about the collaboration

Technogym Ball for Dior (Image via Instagram/technogym)
Technogym Ball for Dior (Image via Instagram/technogym)

Dior recently launched a series of limited-edition home fitness products in collaboration with Technogym. These products are released as a component of the Dior Vibe line, which the brand is introducing by rolling out pop-up stores.

Dior and Technogym have joined forces to come up with these unique pieces which include the Technogym MyRun connected treadmill, Technogym multifunctional workout bench and Technogym exercise ball.

Such noteworthy steps are reflective of the fashion label’s commitment to an inspiring lifestyle which is a perfect blend of fitness and style.

Price and where to buy the Dior and Technogym limited-edition products

The prices for the three limited-edition products range from $1,300 USD to $12,000 USD.

These luxury wellness products will be available in Dior pop-up stores located in Shanghai, Sanya, Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Taipei, Bangkok, London, Beverly Hills, Soho, and Tokyo. One can also get them at selected pop-in stores in Paris, Milan, Tokyo, New York and Seoul.

All these fitness products are redesigned in white and accentuated with a Dior star, the founders’ lucky charm.

All about the Dior and Technogym partnership

The luxury fashion house worked together with a high-end Italian sports equipment and digital company, and released its co-branded limited edition pieces. The three products featured under this collab are:

Technogym MyRun for Dior

The first on the list is a stylish and compact treadmill that connects to a tablet and offers a seamless experience with a broad range of running and walking workout options.

Technogym bench for Dior

This brand new workout bench is an innovative idea that offers an extensive number of exercise options, and also perfectly fits into a small space.

Its original design comprises of a series of dumbbells, elastics, and knuckles. All of these allow for over 200 exercises.

Technogym ball for Dior

Crafted to keep one moving while sitting, this ball can help in staying healthy. It is a combination of a seating and wellness tool. The Technogym Ball is primarily designed to yield flexibility and toning as well as balance.

Commenting on the collab, Nerio Alessandri, the founder of Technogym, said:

“This shared goal of excellence gives life to a limited series of innovative Technogym products interpreted with the Maison Dior’s unique allure. Created to inspire the concept of wellness with new generations, it also offers people the opportunity to live a unique and irresistible experience”.

The Dior Vibe line launched ready-to-wear accessories, shoes like sock sneakers and chunky boots, and gym bags. Distinctive transparent sneakers with gold and silver accents were also part of this line.

Edited by Siddharth Satish
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