Discord and YouTube join hands for the "Watch Together" feature 

Discord and YouTube working on "Watch Together" (Image via ginx.tv)
Discord and YouTube working on "Watch Together" (Image via ginx.tv)

Discord and YouTube are apparently joining hands to give birth to the "Watch Together" feature that will allow users to watch videos with each other.

The feature is still in its early stages of development and has trickled down to select servers for now. However, it will be made available to other channels as the weeks go by, as Discord increases its testing scale.

In other words, developers have slated October as the tentative month for an official launch.

For those unaware of its usage, the feature is similar to Discord's built-in option that allows users to share their screens.

The twist, however, is that it's being developed keeping YouTube in mind, implying that it will enable users to create playlists and offer other members the ability to control the playback.

Discord begins integration shortly after YouTube shuts down bots

In an interesting turn of events, Google, YouTube's parent company, took legal action and shut down a couple of high-profile third-party music bots, Rhythm and Groovy. Both of these bots, combined, were installed on over 36 million Discord servers.

Rhythm's creator revealed how the organization expected Google to clamp down on every third-party music bot available on the platform, forcing them to double down on their efforts.

Viewers might still come across ads while watching

Unfortunately, users may still see or hear ads while using the "Watch Together" feature for the first time.

Users might still come across ads (Image via Discord)
Users might still come across ads (Image via Discord)

This will allow Google to earn ample revenue from this venture. Over the last few weeks, Discord has updated several elements of the platform. The logo, along with other corresponding assets, underwent a revamp in May this year.

Interestingly, a similar feature surfaced around 10 months back, but disappeared soon after. According to recent reports, the same feature has been rebranded as "Watch Together" to combat YouTube's shutting down of third-party music bots.

Neither platform has commented on this addition yet. However, Discord just vaguely pointed out how viewers will spot ads while watching videos.

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