Disguised Toast teases exclusive Among Us merchandise drop, and fans are all for it

Is Disguised Toast x Among Us-themed merchandise on its way?
Is Disguised Toast x Among Us-themed merchandise on its way?

Jeremy "Disguised Toast" Wang, popularly referred to as the "King of Among Us," looks officially set to collaborate with the game on an exclusive merchandise drop, and fans can't seem to get enough of it.

Over the past year, the popular streamer has steadily risen to become the poster boy of Among Us. He is often credited as playing a vital role in catapulting the game towards the top of the streaming charts.

He recently took to Twitter to pose for a couple of pictures in which he can be seen wearing a cyan-colored Among Us tee, replete with the iconic Impostor logo on the front and an ominous knife emblazoned on the back.

Of late, fans have also been left in awe of his "glow-up" look, post his recent haircut that has earned unanimous praise online.

Even the Twitter handle of Among Us chimed in with a word of praise, as in response, Disguised Toast proceeded to pitch the idea of a possible merch collaboration.

Within minutes, they enthusiastically responded by claiming that they already had plans of emailing him about the details of an exclusive business partnership.

In light of this exciting new business proposition, fans soon took to Twitter to rejoice over the same.

Fans react as Disguised Toast x Among Us merch looks set to arrive


Disguised Toast's impact has had upon Among Us is undoubtedly undeniable, with his consistent pattern of grinding it out and big-brain plays proving to be an entertaining form of content for fans across the globe.

Be it his high-IQ plays or his wholesome camaraderie with fellow "Amigops" such as Corpse Husband, Rachel "Valkyrae" Hofstetter, and Sykkuno, the 29-year old 's content has only got better with time.

This is why the idea of a possible Disguised Toast x Among Us merch collab might prove to be a significant marketing masterstroke in terms of generating renewed interest in the popular multiplayer social deduction game.

Here are some of the reactions as scores of fans enthusiastically responded to the possibility of a Disguised Toast x Among Us merch collab:

With excitement mounting online, it now remains to be seen what the result of the supposed interaction between Disguised Toast and Among Us ends up being, and if the former ends up becoming a brand ambassador for the game's exclusive clothing line in the near future.

Edited by Ravi Iyer