Does Taco Bell have Nacho fries? How to get, release date, price, and all you need to know

The famous Nacho Fries are back (Image via Getty Images/Taco Bell)
The famous Nacho Fries are back (Image via Getty Images/Taco Bell)

Taco Bell is set to bring back the Nacho Fries for a nationwide limited-time release on March 10. The item made its debut back in 2018.

The fries were available early to Taco Bell rewards members on March 8 and 9 (only on the app). Regular customers will be able to purchase them from local outlets starting on Thursday.

The fast-food chain’s Brand Creative Head, Tracee Larocca, talked about the campaign in a press release. He said:

“We’ve explored tons of genres for Nacho Fries over the years, but this may be my favorite yet because it gave our most loyal fans a front row seat to co-create one of our biggest fan led campaigns ever.”
Remember when y'all voted to name Vanessa's dog Baja in the new Fries trailer? Well, here she is. #FriesChallenge

Larocca added:

“With the bar set this high, who knows where we’ll take Nacho Fries next.”

What is known about the limited-edition Taco Bell Nacho Fries?


According to the press release, the Nacho Fries a la carte will be available for $1.49 or more. Meanwhile, the combo box will cost $5.49 or more and will include the fries, a five-layered beef burrito, taco, and a medium-sized drink. The fries will also come with Mexican seasoning and a nacho cheese sauce dip.

Furthermore, rewards members will receive free a la carte fries when they purchase items worth more than $1. However, this offer is only available from March 24 to March 26.

Similarly, the fast-food giant will also give free fries to customers who order from Grubhub. The offer is only limited to orders with a minimum purchase of $15 and will be available from March 27 to April 13.

Taco Bell has explicitly mentioned that Nacho fries are only available for a limited time. However, the company did not reveal when it would remove the temporary item from the menu.

Viral marketing technique from Taco Bell

Fans picked Vanessa’s outfit for our new Nacho Fries trailer on IG Stories. And they picked well. 😍#FriesChallenge

In recent years, the American fast-food giant has teased the annual limited-time Nacho Fries release with teasers for fake films. This time, the brand asked fans for suggestions on Twitter via the hashtag #FriesChallenge. Fans chose most of the elements for the latest Nacho Fries trailer.

According to the end result, the company decided to use a “time-loop” angle in the campaign, where the lead was stuck in 2018. Fans named the campaign's lead Venessa and her dog Baja.

A glimpse of the ad, which is set to be released soon, also features Ed Skrien playing a 1984’s Terminator-like character.

As a result of these viral marketing opportunities, the brand has successfully generated hype around its products.

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