"Doom at Your Service" episode 13: Myulmang helps Dong-kyung remember their past with a kiss

A still of Seo In-guk in "Doom at Your Service" episode 7. (Instagram/tvNdrama Official)
A still of Seo In-guk in "Doom at Your Service" episode 7. (Instagram/tvNdrama Official)
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"Doom at Your Service" episode 13 starts with Myulmang (Seo In-guk) asking Dong-kyung (Park Bo-young) "Who are you?" He is sure that Sonyeoshin has changed something important.

However, he is unable to gather what exactly it is. Initially, he attempts to get Dong-kyung to figure out what Sonyeoshin changed. He begins to follow Dong-kyung.

When he found a phone at his home with missed calls from Dong-kyung, he realizes that she was indeed a part of his life. He also finds a picture of himself and Dong-kyung together on his phone.

How did Dong-kyung's dream help jog memories in "Doom at Your Service"?

The look on his face, in the picture, speaks clearly enough. So he decides to dig further and jogs her memory to see if she recollects any conversations with Sonyeoshin that could help him figure out the truth in "Doom at Your Service" episode 13.

While Myulmang is busy figuring this out, Dong-kyung goes through her treatment and as a first step, she is asked to go bald by the doctor. He wants Dong-kyung to avoid a situation where she is mentally distressed by her hair loss during radiation and chemotherapy.

Dong-kyung's condition worsens in Doom at Your Service, and she passes out before she can shave her head. It is during this time that she dreams of her own funeral. In the hall she sees Myulmang sobbing, hinting at how heartbroken he is to see his loved one die.

All she can do is to repeatedly ask him not to cry, but he doesn't see her. The first thing she says when she wakes up from her dream is apologize to Myulmang.

Things fall into place after he hears her apology. He remembers certain moments that he had spent with her. Even when he hears about Dong-kyung's dream where he was seen sobbing, he is not moved.

Instead, he ends up kidnapping Dong-kyung and he takes her through the same path that he had shown her before. Of death and gloom.

Last time around, Dong-kyung's presence had given life to this path, but this time, nothing changes. The gray remains just that, and Dong-kyung remembers not even the slightest bit.

Myulmang, however, has begun to recollect more memories of his time together with Dong-kyung. As a result, he sees more of their past together and he ends up kissing Dong-kyung which ends up serving as a key to the memories that were locked away.

The gray too begins to change the moment Dong-kyung's memory returns, and this helps Myulmang remember everything. Not just in bits and pieces.

The moment Dong-kyung remembers everything, she wonders why she did what she did. When Myulmang hurries towards her, she ends up throwing a tantrum. She asks him how he could forget her and that is how the episode ended, with them in an embrace.

This of course doesn't mean that the two will have a happy ending either. In the meantime, the episode also works on unpacking a lot of the misunderstandings between Hyun-kyu and Joo-ik as well in Doom at Your Service.

Can Lee Hyun-kyu forgive Cha Joo-ik for kissing Na Ji-Na?

Alongside Dong-kyung and Myulmang, "Doom at Your Service" also unravels the lives of Lee Ji-na (Shin Do-hyun), Cha Joo-ik (Lee Soo-hyuk) and Lee Hyun-kyu (Kang Tae-oh). Joo-ik is an editor who used to work with Dong-kyung at a publishing house.

Ji-na is an author and Dong-kyung's best friend, and Hyun-kyu is her ex-boyfriend in Doom at Your Service. Joo-ik and Ji-na are connected through Hyun-kyu as he is Joo-ik's roommate.

Joo-ik believes that Ji-na deserves better than Hyun-kyu. In an attempt to get her to leave him, Joo-ik uses an opportunity where a misunderstanding occurs between Ji-na and Hyun-kyu and kisses her.

Ji-na who was already heartbroken over a fight with Hyun-kyu is shocked, but decides to leave him. However, she has never moved on from him. As an author too, all her male leads are shaped after Hyun-kyu.

Joo-ik intercedes in Doom at Your Service when Ji-na's work gets stagnant, and in the process Ji-na falls for him. However, Hyun-kyu returns after years to ask Ji-na out again. She decides to give him another chance to find out the truth.

She wants to understand if she still has feelings for Hyun-kyu, or if she just needs closure about their past relationship. Ji-na is also confused about her feelings and in episode 13 of Doom at Your Service she learns more about Joo-ik.

In the process, she also learns about herself. Neither Hyun-kyu nor Ji-na knew that Joo-ik was connected to both of them. It was only in episode 12 that they learnt the truth.

In "Doom at Your Service" episode 13, Hyun-kyu confronts Joo-ik about everything and as someone who liked, and continues to like Hyun-kyu, Joo-ik tells the truth. Joo-ik also confesses that he really likes Ji-na. Hyun-kyu seems to know that Joo-ik was right after all, and this is what will help them repair their friendship in the future.

Ji-na too decides to clarify with Hyun-kyu that meeting him again has helped her understand that the Hyun-kyu that she had been in love with is the 19-year-old man. Ji-na also tells Hyun-kyu that her kiss with Joo-ik was not just a one-off mistake in Doom at Your Service.

In Doom at your Service Episode 13, she confesses that it makes a difference to her, leaving Hyun-kyu heartbroken. However, the episode doesn't indicate if he blesses her with her new relationship, and audiences will have to wait to see how he reacts to his heartbreak as well in Doom at Your Service episode 14.

Doom at Your Service episode 14 will air on June 22nd, at 9 pm Korean Standard Time, and can be streamed on Viki.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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