Emily Blunt's The English trailer 2022 breakdown: A tragic tale of a mother's quest for revenge

Emily Blunt in The English (Photo by Diego Lopez Calvin/Prime Video via IMDb)
Emily Blunt in The English (Photo by Diego Lopez Calvin/Prime Video via IMDb)

The trailer for Emily Blunt's The English is out, and it looks promising. The premise of the show revolves around an Englishwoman who sets off to the West to avenge her son's killer. The miniseries also features Chaske Spencer in a pivotal role.

The gripping trailer offers a glimpse of the numerous violent events set to unfold in the series. Fans of classic Westerns would certainly enjoy this one. Take a look at the breakdown of the trailer for the new Western thriller.

The English trailer breakdown: Emily Blunt's tragic portrait of a mother seeking revenge

1) Cornelia's arrival as a grief-stricken woman


The trailer captures Emily Blunt arriving in the Wild West as a young, demure woman, dressed in a sophisticated manner, in a brutal land replete with violent men. The trailer builds on Blunt's character, Corneilia who experiences grief after losing her son. She's very obviously devastated and looks to avenge her son's killer.

2) Eli helps Cornelia in her journey

Actor Chaske Spencer essays the role of Eli Whipp in the series. A devastated Cornelia begs Eli to help her find the man responsible for killing her beloved son. Although Eli initially seems reluctant, Cornelia offers him money, and soon the two set off on a dangerous mission to find the killer.

3) Cornelia's transformation into a ruthless woman

As Cornelia and Eli begin their quest to find the killer, Cornelia is shown embarking on a murder-rampage. At one point, Ciarán Hinds' character proclaims that Cornelia's appearance may be deceiving. Towards the end, Cornelia is emerges as a cold-blooded killer who'd go to any extent to avenge the death of her son.

The trailer also shows her character bonding quite well with Chaske Spencer's Eli, and there's scope for a potential romance between the two, although nothing is revealed explicitly.

Overall, the trailer for The English maintains its gripping tone and establishes the central conflict of the story without giving away too much about the plot. Western fans can look forward to a memorable cinematic spectacle, complete with fascinating characters and powerful performances.

More details about The English cast

Emily Blunt looks quite stunning in the trailer, portraying the complex shades of her character with remarkable ease. With an almost Godfather-esque arc, it'll be interesting to see how her character pans out in the series. Blunt has essayed several memorable roles in acclaimed films like The Devil Wears Prada, The Young Victoria, and A Quiet Place, to name a few.

Chaske Spencer looks impressive as Eli in The English trailer. Spencer is best known for his performances in The Twilight Saga franchise, Banshee, and Wild Indian. Apart from the aforementioned actors, the series also features several others in crucial supporting roles, including:

  • Ciarán Hinds
  • Rafe Spall
  • Tom Hughes
  • Valerie Pachner
  • Stephen Rea

The English is written and directed by noted filmmaker and writer Hugo Blick, who's known for his work on Black Earth Rising, The Honourable Women, and The Shadow Line.

Don't miss The English on November 10, 2022 on BBC Two.

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