Fact Check: Were the AI Robots at the Dodgers game in SoFi stadium real or fake? Viral picture leaves internet in awe

A glimpse of the AI Robots present at an NFL season opener. (Image via X/CMPLX)
A glimpse of the AI Robots present at an NFL season opener. (Image via X/CMPLX)

Over the weekend, fans at an NFL game shared pictures of AI Robots or what appeared to be so, on social media. They were not only seated in the audience but were also moving around the stadium prior to the match.

While initially there were doubts about whether the AI Robots were fake or real, soon it was revealed that they were indeed actual robots who were present at the game as part of a promotion for the upcoming sci-fi movie The Creator.

As soon as the images and videos of the human-lookalike AI Robots at the NFL game became viral, it left the internet in awe. While some netizens were impressed with the robots, others speculated that the robot era was ushering in and they would soon replace humans.

“Is this getting scary?”: Netizens have wild reactions to the presence of AI Robots at an NFL game

On Sunday, September 10, at California’s SoFi Stadium, along with a full house of NFL fans, there were multiple AI Robots present at the season opener when the Miami Dolphins were facing the Los Angeles Chargers on the latter’s home ground.

Several photos and videos from the stadium were shared by those attending the match. Initially, there were speculations about whether the AI Robots positioned on the field and seated in the stands were real or not. However, soon it was disclosed that they were part of a promotion for the upcoming Hollywood sci-fi The Creator.

As per Screen Rant, ahead of its end-of-September premiere, the makers of The Creator used the NFL game as "a unique advertising strategy" to draw the attention of the audience and encourage them to purchase advanced tickets for it. In fact, the official X (formerly Twitter) account for the movie made a post sharing the images and clippings of the artificial intelligence robots with the caption that read:

“The future is here.”

Since AI Robots caught the limelight on social media, netizens have had wild and mixed reactions to them.

For the uninitiated, The Creator is a sci-fi film directed by Rogue One maker Gareth Edwards and produced by Disney’s 20th Century Studios. It is scheduled to release on September 29.

According to Screen Rant, the movie revolves around a futuristic theme where humans and robots engage in a war, with artificial intelligence at the center of it. In fact, its main plot revolves around an ex-militant who accidentally connects with a childlike robot and its consequences in the real world.


The upcoming picture stars the likes of John David Washington, Madeline Yuna Voyles, Gemma Chan, Allison Janney, and Ken Watanabe, among others.

Apart from turning heads at an NFL game with AI Robots, the makers of The Creator also got involved in a controversy last month when its trailer was released. Screen Rant reported that the trailer showed real footage of a 2020 explosion in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, and that the film repurposed it without much editing. The revelation earned backlash as the explosion claimed the lives of over 200 people while injuring nearly 7,000.

Edited by Babylona Bora
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